On going ~ It's August ~

It's August. I seldom update my blog these days as I'm busy moving to a new room. Guess what ? I have a new room mate now and she is one of my bestie - Shirlene. I would say, moving house is really a tough task for me as I have tons of stuffs and this drained off all my energy. My life seems totally changed after moved to a new place.

Sometimes, the feeling of insecure made me want to escape from my current life. I have a dream.. I'm not sure should I follow what I want to do or should I just follow what I can do now.

on my way to my home during the weekend

My family = Apple fans

The watermelon from Malaysia..
Ate this with my brother

Had my Hair colour @ Hair Profile by Kenji

A beautiful Hi-Tea with my buddies @ Antoinette

Had my pastel highlight @ Hair profile >v<

My pretty room mate - Shirlene 
Love the chit chat night @ Canopy

Got this super cute Minion from Joe !
Thanks for the other 2 minions came to me few days ago

One of my buddy in the office..
I think I can think positive because of you

Peace Peace Peace all the time ..

Outdoor shooting in Bishan Park..
I know it was a hot morning, and appreciate your help for the photos..

I love this cute stripe dress , simple and lovely

Last day for dog training.. passed the test and feel relax now lol

My pretty korean ladies in my office..

I love the skirt from Topshop~
Perfect match with my white lacy top

Love the deco here but the PC is below my expectation...

A family gathering for a nice dinner

Love my brother's room..

Mahjong night with family ~

Which cat will bring me the Luck ?

 Left 4 Dead in the house..

A place where we gathered..

Time to end..
unforgettable night 

Yeah! we went for Joey's concert @ sentosa 

an outing with the team to East Coast.
I wish I could throw all my stress away ...

And I fall sick after the outing..
My lip "spoiled"

Body heating to the Max!

Glad to meet this cute fella...

First try to Putien and I love it ~
Especially their signature noodle with the chilli paste...

Feel the happiness from Jeannie..
I went to few bridal's shop with her and choose the design that suit her the best
for her Big day!

Tea time with Jeannie and others..

Spotted a pretty SA from one of the bridal's shop in Tanjong Pagar..
she is extremely helpful and lover her bright smile ~

My lip is recovering..

Got this sponsored by Freshkon ( cozycot ) and I will share the post soon ^^

Got those flowers from you ..
Thanks ... but
stop sending me flower and buy me a coffee next time  =)

What to do during weekend?
Handmade MeeHun Kuey ~ super yummy ~
Gonna share a post later .

First to Swee Chun Dim sum.
variety choices and yummy custard bun
Love it ~ 

sneak peak into my new room..

fun coffee night with u 
thanks to talk to me as I feel empty 

spotted nice clay pot rice in singapore !

Love this photo and amazingly hit over 400 likes..

Although life is tough sometimes but we still have to focus on something important and make us keep going with smile. I don't know am I in the right path, but I have my right to choose and make sure I won't regret next time..


Tenshi Chn said...

Hope your hard times are going away and the good times come soon ^^

imchacha said...

Thanks Kuro Neko~
Appreciate your comment to support ~ feel touched and i will definitely overcome it~^^

Maemoly said...

Keep walking baby<3 when you feel so tired just take a break.
And please keep bloging. I'm your big fan :D

Threshold Of An Era said...

I'm sure there is a lot people supporting u and encouraging u. Look forward. Be positive and good things will come.

Jia you!

imchacha said...

Maemoly: Thanks baby, your comment made my day!
you are so sweet ~~~~

imchacha said...

Jason: Thanks thanks... i will ~ ^^