( Taipei ) One day in Ximending + Shida Market + Spicy steamboat buffet

Ximending, is one of the landmark that you don't want to miss during your first Taipei trip. Frankly speaking, I'm not into this place as it is obviously a place for tourist and things is slightly expensive selling here compare to the night market. I can see myself more enjoy in the night market .

How to get there?
Take the subway- Blue line to Ximen station and Exit 6

Taipei Metro / Subway

I ate few dumplings early in the morning beside the street near my hostel.
Check where I stay during my Taipei trip here:

Ximen Station Exit 6

Ximen shopping district 

I ate my lunch here in Sushi Express
I will say ... just so so.. very cheap but Not Fresh T_T

What the people looking at ...?!
A famous girl named Rose, Qiao Qiao 喬喬 was there..
She is popular because of her sunshine smile and her dad is a great photographer.

Check her FB fanpage at : https://www.facebook.com/ciaociaorose

Ximen Red House is located right opposite Ximen shopping district

You may try one of the famous fried chicken here in Ximending.

Then I took a cab to Shida Market have a walk. This is a place whereby all the students and youngsters gathered. But this is just a small shopping district to me which took me only 30minutes in order to finish it.

A lot of coffee shops here that you can spend your afternoon tea time.

It's dinner time. One of my Taiwanese friend , Cara , brought me here for Spicy steamboat buffet. The Amazing part is.. free flow of Haagen Daz ice cream! woohoo!! I was really enjoy my dinner there, the spicy soup was really spicy =.=''   Price is about TWD 600 for dinner buffet.

Unlimited Haagen Daaz!!!

Fresh meat

Two soups that we chose. 

Happy gathering with friends


Kenneth said...

Want to ask for a long time...
What kind of job are you doing??
How come you can travel so often!?

PS. From a jealous kid~~

imchacha said...


I'm an office lady who doing sales haha.
If you want to buy something, look for me ~lolx

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene,

Wanna ask you about the Spicy Steamboat Buffet that you ate in Taipei. What is the name of the restaurant and where is it located?

Anyway, you have a great blog.
Have a nice day.:)