(Sponsored) Summer's Eve , America's No.1 Brand of Feminine Care Review

Special Thanks to  Keshia  from Cozycot who brought this down to Orchard for me on my Birthday! You are so kind and therefore I have this chance to try Summer's Eve out and share the reviews here.

This is a review and sharing specially for the ladies, but if you are the gentleman who reading this post today, you may start sharing this information with your beloved one ^^

Women experience a lot of feminine issues during their normal monthly hormonal cycle such as vaginal discharge, dryness , itching , urinary leakage and feminine odour. Especially staying in a humid country like Singapore, these issues can often leave women feeling uncomfortable all the time , hence we need to properly cleanse our V-zone.

Feminine care products were introduced due to the different pH values of internal and external vagina. This may help to prevent vagina infections or inflammation caused by bacteria, yeast, viruses , sexual intercourse , harsh detergents or perfumes.

Summer's Eve Feminine Wash - Normal skin & Sensitive Skin
This is one of the Star Product that made them America's No 1! I tried both of the normal skin and sensitive skin's feminine wash and I love them. No strong fragrance is my main concern to choose a product. No soapy feeling and not causing any dryness after cleansing. It helps to gently remove vaginal secretions and odor-causing bacteria and keep me fresh.

Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist
This Cleansing Mist can be used like the wipes. Spray it onto a tissue and wipe onto external virginal area to keep yourself fresh and clean all day long. I like the size as it's easily fit into any bag that I have.

Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes
Another star product from Symmer's Eve. The feminine cleansing wipe is super convenient to bring. You can even bring this without a bag, all you need is just a pocket. I usually bring this with me when I go to the gym. I don't like to carry a heavy bag with me as you can imagine how many things I need to prepare for a workout day after work.

Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray - Tropical Rain
This is my first try on the deodorant spray. The spray has no colour and dries to a clear powdery finish that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and extra soft. It contains several ingredients like corn starch, hydrated silica and vitamin E which able to nourish the skin. I like the refreshing tropical smell and that is so natural unlike the normal fragrance. 

I'm happy to have this chance to try out Summer's Eve Feminine Care products. I will start buying their products as the price is reasonable and I love the way their products make me stay fresh all day long. This is important for women to keep yourself away from the infections or feminine issues. Prevention is always better than cure !

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