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A great great news for those who loves to sing.
I tried this app called 天籟 K歌 last night, and I found the app is awesome! Thanks to Alfred who shared this app with me. Now everyone can sing with their smartphone anytime anywhere. Another great thing is song sharing, you can simply share your songs with a link via messages, email or media platform.

The song I sang last night  >>  [click here] I'm Still Loving You

The songs come with the original KTV version and lyric shown up while you are singing. Variety of songs to choose and the most amazing part, you can duet with the people that you don't know! Previously I did this using Adobe Audition software by computer , but now you can simply do it with an app in your smartphone !

The KTV version ..

Start recording when the red button is on

After the recording done, you can choose to upload or keep it for yourself

The layout of the app, looks like the menu in our KTV room

a chinese app that allows you to sing and make friends!
You can listen to my songs or follow me by searching my id in the 
My ID:  imchacha


Mrs. Ichiban said...

Interesting! :D
But sadly I don't know how to read Chinese. ;_; Do they have English singers/songs too?

imchacha said...

Hey Ichiban,

Cute name u have hahah!
Yes they have a lot of english songs!!
Let's have fun!!