( Paris - Part 1 ) Entering a Fairy tale ~ My first day in Paris

Coming back from a 2 week long trip, I just can't wait to share the stories and photos! I have an urge to sing "Jet lag" - going to Europe then Philippines back to back has given me a headache for a few days now.

People would ask me from time to time "How was your trip", "Was it a nice place?" I must say Paris is terrific! When I first stepped on the streets of Paris, it felt as if I was entering a fairy tale. There's an undeniable presence of the arts here - strolling along the walkways, you'd be presented with paintings and artworks every few meters. People can be seen walking slowly along the streets, enjoying an afternoon coffee in outdoors restaurants, teenagers lying on the grass reading a book. Everyone seems to enjoy life around this parts, and its hard to find signs or stress or rush unlike ours.

I checked in to this hotel which is just seven to ten minutes walking distance to Eiffel tower and located right opposite the Metro station.The hotel is quite small but lovely. The staffs here are friendly and helpful. I love the internet access here as they provided a very fast WIFI connection in the whole hotel. Pretty enjoyed to stay here for my four days in Paris.

Pretty small but they have all the things i need
Such as bath tub and hair dryer

This restaurant, La Source, is located right beside Hotel de Latour Mabourg
We had our first meal here and it was Awesome~

The highlighter stated the way from our hotel to the Eiffel tower

To be continue ...


Kenneth said...

Hope you got a wonderful trip.

When and where are you going next time?

imchacha said...

Thanks Kenneth ^^
Im planning for korea >.<