[Sharing] Oil-Free sunblock for face ~ Sharing the Review of my 4 sunblocks


Sunblock  (also commonly known as sunscreen ) is a lotion, spray, gel, or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's Ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation on the skin exposed to the sunlight and thus helps protect to the sunburn. You definitely familiar with "SPF" - Sun Protection Factor , usually labelled on the sunscreen's product . The higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B.

Recently, I found out the sunblock is really important for us =.='' ( What ? Recently ? I should know this 5 years ago !! )   I'm the one who always avoid multilayer skin care to my face and caused oiliness until few months ago... My Facial beautician told me :" Hey! you have to start to apply sunblock! there are some spots appeared on your face !! " What a nightmare for me ..   T_T 

For those who keen in whitening , sunblock is a MUST! I feel I'm silly by using whitening products and didn't apply any sunblock for so long ~ Actually the sunblock is not only against the radiation from sunlight, but also against the radiation from computer and indoor lightning .. Yes, as long as there is light , you need to apply sunscreen .  T_T

Laneige Sublock Aqua SPF35/PA++
Price: Around sgd25-30
Texture: Light milky texture, easy to apply
Oily/Greasy : 65%
Satisfaction: 7/10
Review: This is the sunblock that I usually apply as the sunblock also helps hydrating. I like the light texture which easily apply and not too oily as I'm staying in a hot country.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal 24Hr Hydrating Fortifying Lotion SPF30
Price: Around sgd50
Texture: Thick and creamy 
Oily/Greasy : 85%
Satisfaction: 6/10
Review:  I'm a super dry skin baby, attracted by its "24Hr hydrating" but end up a little bit too oily for my dry skin. I don't like the greasy looking and my pores are blocked after 10 hours . Will advice this for those who staying in cold country .

Ettusais Aqua Splash UV SPF25/PA++
Price: Around sgd25-30
Texture: Light milky water base
Oily/Greasy : 65%
Satisfaction: 7/10
Review: Super easy to carry and just spray on your face while needed. Still a litle bit greasy for me but overall is fine. Absorption is fast as it is water base but the scene is a little bit too strong for me. 

DHC Suncut Q10 Mist SPF24/PA++
Price: Around sgd25-35
Texture: Light milky water base
Oily/Greasy : 45%
Satisfaction: 9/10
Review: Recommended as the texture is light and water base, easy to absorb and non oily or greasy even apply for whole day long. Easy to carry in bag as the size is small. The Q10 and Lipidure® help to keep the skin moisture and hydrating. the scene is just natural milky scene and Overall is good.

This is the review of the sunblocks that I bought for my face. You may refer to my review as a guideline to choose your sunblock but I will still advice you to try it on your hand before you buy it ( Or maybe get some samples to try it on your face ^^ ) . A same skincare may not work well on all of us. So, Understand your skin and choose your product .


__*Chez*__ said...

pretty. i also like Water base d skin care... but i never use sunblock ohhh. HAHA. although i knew that is wrong. :P HAHA

imchacha said...

Wow Chez ! you are fast!
hahaha~ yes, i dont like those oily type, but too scary when u see your face started fulfilled with black spots...

You have to apply sunblock la~ hahahaa

__*Chez*__ said...

of coz ! Weeheee... XD

i just apply BB cream lohh. HAHA. will start to apply d. since you recommend oil-free d sunblock. Heeeee ^^ i like the last sun block. Seeems so mosturisingggg XD

Happy walker said...

leng leng~ XD

imchacha said...

yeah i love the last one and the first one hehehe^^

imchacha said...

Mr Lonely ~
Yeah u are fast too!!!!
^^ Thanks for always support me ... ^^
im happy~

Unknown said...

U can try Biore's UV aqua rich watery essence water base. Since u dont like sticky and prefer water base. The best drugstore sunscreen I have used so far :D

imchacha said...

LiYee May:
Wow, great sharing~ Let me try it and tell you what is my feeling on it~ Actually i wanna buy that for long time being attracted by its "aqua base" ~
^^ Thx for coming, yee may~