Instagram Monthly update ~ Hello 2013

I purposely dressed up myself for my sweetie, Scarah's wedding in Sentosa. Really feel happy for her as she got her Mr. Right and her dream wedding held in outdoor with her favourite theme. I love this Western style wedding dinner and the decoration was Brilliant! Imagine the whole ceremony and the dinner happened beside the beach with transparent chairs and pink balloons.. =)  Super sweet 

This is the Pair that we Hurray for !! Mr. & Mrs Yeo ~ Love this wedding held beside the beach at Sentosa. I met sweet Tammy who flied from HK for this wedding . She is lovely as usual and I appreciate her concern to me as always. Thanks for i-chatting me when i feel down or lost~ You are an Angel to me ~ <3

Sweet Tammy

 Look at this !! This parcel flied all the way from Malaysia to me! You definitely made my day , Thanks Joe Chean !! I can feel the sincerity and your heart to send me this gift and the postage is soooo expensive >.<''  Appreciate it` and Brilliant Thanks!!!

I love this Black tops , feel comfortable and happy to take photos non stop during my break time ~

Have been long time didn't visit to Tea Cosy . I miss their Foie Gra ~ Click here to read more about this super Cute restaurant and they serving Quality food with reasonable Price. 

Rainy day... I understand that the weather keep changing time to time.. Remember your umbrella and drink more water to keep yourself healthy ~^^

 Everyone familiar with this.. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.. Like the view here.. I been Level 33 for my lazy Saturday Brunch ` and took some photos~  <click here> for my previous post "LEVEL 33"

A fresh Saturday for me and super excited to collect my New macbook Pro with retina display !!!  A new blogging experience and Ragnarok Online 2~ wuhuuu ~ <3  ( Special Thanks to Vincent Tan & Wil from jb )

Went to Singapore Jurong Bird Park for some outdoor shooting . Love the colourful pictures that I've got and Sweat a lot by walking non stop in the Park..

This picture is super blurr and super dark... But i just like my Natural Hair wave done from Seoul during my Korea trip on November 2012.. <click here> for my previous post regarding The best hair saloon in Seoul

A sweet gift from  Steven Yap & Kevin  during their Trip in Japan !! Love it so much and I keep it nicely in my "luxury bag" ... super cute handkerchief ~ <3 Love it , Thanks guys ~

Went to Clark Quay during my Off Day ~ Feel relax and love the colourful building ... A great place for outdoor photo shooting.

And I had my favourite Ice cream - Haagen Dazs in Clark Quay~!!!  

Look at my sweet sister, Shirlene Chow.. We had our lunch together recently ~ Well prepared for Victor's Birthday dinner ~ btw, I love to hang out with her and share our thoughts ~

Feeling so good to meet up my Primary Classmates in Singapore.. See May & Cedric ~ Really happy that we talked non stop and I had Fun to hang out with you guys ~ ^^ Looking for more gatherings in this brand new year ^^

I feel i'm Lucky, I have a friend who cook whatever I want to eat .. Spent my weekend in Victor's house and totally de-stress as he is a best listener for me.. ( But he talking non stop too ! wahah )

My Mr. Pokka Dot sleeping on my bed as usual .. super soft and comfy ~

 Seldom wear my Long Jeans as I don't have a nice body shape + I sweat easily ~ XD

Still not able to Wink .. Practicing ~ =)

I went to Uniqlo with my buddy who going back to Korea soon, I had fun to try on the different outer here and I fall in Love with this Baby Green~ Bought it at $39.90 ~ ^^

 Love this snack so much.. I wish I can get a whole carton and stored it inside my room.. I feel happy after I had this snack ~ Thanks Blair who brought this back from Korea and I wonder can I get it in Singapore?

 On going... Went to the Dance studio and had my very first Intro class.. i don't know how to dance at all.. I wish I can at least follow the steps one day ~ >v<

Wore on my Baby Green Jacket bought from Uniqlo .. and thanks Shirlene for this Shot ~ I love the feeling, Simple and clean~

It's FRIDAY !!! 


Ricky said...

i found your blog from uwants.
very interesting.
i guess u really like to travel and try something new. and of coz photography as well :)
Many places look so nice and beautiful through ur captures.
Thank you for sharing!

imchacha said...

Hey Ricky!!
Thanks for coming ~and the comment made my day~
I wish I can share many nice photos here with u guys^^
have a nice day ~ =)

Eriol Loh said...

green jacket really look nice on u^^

imchacha said...

yeah Enriol ~ you are right... haha I love it ~

Jeslin said...

I really love reading your blog. You always have nice photos and places to share with us. Especially your travel posts. I enjoy reading it. Very informative. :)

imchacha said...

Hey Jeslin:
Love your comment! it made my day ^^
I wish i can share more and more, and i feel happy you found it useful ^^

Thanks for your support and I will keep sharing more and more^^