[Sharing] L'OCCITANE relaxing body lotion & L'OCCITANE almond supple skin oil Review

Yes, I'm a Big fan of  L'OCCITANE . Thanks to my sweet buddies Nataly Liew and BeiBeiYan , who guided me how to spend money "wisely" since five years ago .... lol ! I Love L'OCCITANE as it using the natural ingredients for their products and I totally fall for their relaxing scent. This picture is showing part of my collection as some of the body care products in my bath room. How I wish I can have unlimited L'occitane body care products..  >v<''

Today's topic, body care :
L'OCCITANE relaxing body lotion  &  L'OCCITANE almond supple skin oil

L'OCCITANE almond supple skin oil

Almond, the range that I Love the most! L'occitane Almond Supple Skin oil is my first Almond product. It helps to reduce stretch mark, firm up and softening our skin. I love the scent so much as it enriched with almond oil and came line oil.... super duper nice! It's not smells like traditional almond but a comfy one. The texture is very rich and oily. It firm up my arms after 2 weeks.

If you are into L'occitane body care, you may try L'occitane Almond milk concentrate body cream!!  Super recommend by Samantha Thong but I'm still thinking should i get one for myself as it is a little pricy ....  T_T    $89sgd... Really Love the Almond series body care >v<

L'OCCITANE relaxing body lotion

Secondly, let's talk about L'occitane Relaxing body lotion. It enriched with grape seed oil, lavender, tea tree and geranium essential oils which is perfect for those who seek for relaxation. The texture is light and good for absorption . It moisture and nourish my skin well and it can be applied to even the most sensitive skin .


Eriol Loh said...

I got my very first rose series L'occitane for my christmas>.< super love L'occitane too~

imchacha said...

Wow Enriol, L'occitane as a christmas gift~ really nice...

Happy walker said...

lol.. so many products~

ynet.tgi said...

Cha Cha are you so so cool and nice more i love your photo all :)

imchacha said...

Mr Lonely, i wish i have more hahahah~

imchacha said...

hey thanks for your comment^^ appreciate it and I wish to share more and more Photos with u all ^^

Unknown said...

L'Occitane products are a bit expensive but they are relaxing and I consider them as stress-reliever :)
~Pauline @Kallony

nickmiddleton010 said...

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