( Penang ) Murals of George Town by Ernest Zacharevic , Street Painting in Penang

Honestly, I really want to meet him in person!  Ernest Zacharevic , the artist who paints in the street for the project in Penang, known as " Mirrors George Town " for George Town Festival 2012. The painting of a bicycle with two kids on Armenian Street gained lots of attention from the photographers or the tourists to join the Fun to pose uniquely with the painting.

I feel sad that I do not have enough time to visit all his painting during my Penang trip, but I'm happy to share all his artwork for Penang Street painting here ..  ^^

( some Photos from Google ..)

Clap Clap for the Awesome Artwork! We looking forward for more and more !! Attached the little map for you to find the location of the Painting/Murals by Ernest Zacharevic.


tester said...

went there last month! murals was awesome but some are already chipping off. like the one on the wooden hse.. kinda sad =/

imchacha said...

Harr, really?
I hope the people there not destroy the art work, and therefore a lot of traveller will go there~