I am a Backpacker .. Planning for Taipei trip

Taipei!!   ... I been Taipei for 3 times ( in 2 years =.='')
I love their Street food, their shopping, their cosmetics..their people ..
their everything !!  wahahaha

I'm going to travel with my backpack this time      =.=''
First of all , I want to make it as a budget trip lolx!!
Secondly, I want to stop myself from shopping ...

Picture and Information from:  Venus - Travel Blog

As I mentioned, Budget trip ...
of course Budget Airline as well ..
Hopefully it is alright for my Long + Chubby Legs ...  

I got my Air ticket at $400 round trip .. Tiger Airway ..
( the price is not  reasonable for me as previously i bought $480 SQ round trip )
nowadays hardly get a taiwan flight ticket at low rates..

And i start to do some research on the place to visit today ...
Found some interesting blog from those Famous Taiwan bloggers..

I Will start sharing the useful links in my blog.. 
( Listed them in my blog : Travel & Food recommendation )
Drag down  and you will found them on your right hand side in my blog ..

Busy for planning today ..
If Anyone , have Any idea , regarding Where to go ..
in this Raining season in Taipei .. Please leave a comment here ^^
Appreciate the most !!

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