The way to De-Stress ?

( Image by MarkLee -- a Famous Blogger + Illustrator from Taiwan )

Stress ..
What will you do when u having stress?
Last time, when i was in KL, 
I used to Sing "K" once a week .. hahaha XD
I Love to Sing ! <3
I found that this is the best way for me to Release my stress..
Not only stress maybe, but also mood..

Feeling down,
Feeling sad,
Feeling lonely..
Or even Happy ,
I sing ... and feel released.

But in singapore..
I seldom sing ..
Because, the KTV here is "sux" !
Price is expensive, Food is not tasty at all,
Service is not friendly and the most important thing ..
The sound system.. is freaking Poor..
Therefore.. Im trying to find out what can I do to De-stress myself.

When I feel stress,
I eat a lot! Want to get satisfaction from food ..
sometimes, I go for a Facial or Body massage,
Feeling relax and De-stress..
Actually, when you doing something that you like,
you feel De-stress..

If you like shopping , photo shooting , "prawning" , mahjong~ing ...
As long as you love it, you will forget your stress ...

Today ...
I found this deal online..
Ahahahaha, I like to draw too~! even not really well ... XD
But this Looks Fun for me !!!

Still thinking ... should I buy the Deal ~ ^^
If I really going for this, definitely I will share it on my Blog too ^^


HevnBoyz said...

I used to drum really hard on fast songs, but not anymore after i moved and sold my drums. I now shop to release stress, ended up buying loads of unnecessary stuffs.. lol, bad habit..

imchacha said...

Ahahah!!! i think Drum is really good for De-stress !
Ahahaha,shopping!!! me too~
I guess a lots of people shop for better mood ^^