" Tolerance " and " Contentment "

“ 世界就像一個大舞台,我們大家只不過是舞台上的演員 ”
來自--莎士比亞  經典名言 ~

" All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players "

Today, we had a Movie creating session..
And I realized,
The Quote from Shakespeare is quite True..
The story happening around us,
 like a drama,
Nobody know what's going to happen at the next second,
And everyone have their own role..

The only different is..
Nobody control this stage,
everyone continuing the story without any Script..


These 2 words came to me since yesterday,

 "  Tolerance & Contentment  "

( Shir with long hair and Samantha with yellow hair ~ Ahaha XD )

Shir : " The most important thing to maintain the relationship is Tolerance ..Don't expect people change their personality for you, But You may going well with your partner with Tolerance. "

Samantha : " We will never feel enough and always ask for more, The best way to live happily is Contentment . "

I extremely understand this since i was young..
But missing in my mind these days

Therefore, I have to keep reminding myself,
to have a good relationship ,
and Enjoy my Life + Stay happily ~ <3

Life is short , 
If you feel that .. It is a right way to do it without harming others ,
why Not?

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