If you are able to choose ONE, 
which is your choice?

Room A 

Room B

Room C

Room D

Room E

Room F

Room G

Room H

Room I

Room J

Room K

Room L

Room M

Room N

Room O

Room P

Room Q

I couldn't make up my mind !!
Really Love the rooms design ...
Haha XD 
when i was  a kid... maybe around 12 ?
I wish I can have my own Place..

Probably is a house or a room,
that belongs to me ...

I try my best,
work hard on it, be independent and rely on myself..
try to earn more and more money ,
to get my Room one day ~!


And , how about your Aim?


Wilson said...

well, can't choose, how to choose ? coz every room got a profesional design,

really love it

imchacha said...

Yes...really nice...~

Vita Soy said...

I want Room P!!!

imchacha said...

Yes, P is nice!!! if the view is ocean will be PERFECT!

HevnBoyz said...

omg..Room P looks really relaxing! The huge rock cushion fits in so nicely...

imchacha said...

HAHAH!!! yeah~ it is soooo creative!!!
And alots of my friends vote for this too!!!!