Bella Skin Care Facials Review

I've met a lot of new people through my new job these days especially ladies. And the first thing I notice about them is their skin condition. I believe this happens to others too. In psychology, a first impression is important because it forms a mental image of the person when they encounter each other for the 1st time.

I feel extremely blessed for my healthy skin complexion after I embarked on my facial journey with Bella Skin Care.

My girls are always curious about my skin care regime and asking for  skin care tips from me. I would say a good facial treatment once a month with the right home care routine helps a lot in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Besides this, I do drink a lot of water for skin hydration too.

I love Bella Skin Care and I strongly recommend it to all of my friends. First thing first, they are professional in what they specialise in.
Secondly, they are not pushy
and do not hard sell like other beauty salons. Thirdly, the beauticians are polite and friendly as well as great in their services. Most importantly, my skin condition becomes healthier after their Hydra Intense Solution treatment and I enjoy lasting hydration insde out! Love 
their Hydra Intense Solution Facial which able to restore my skin hydration level and cell metabolism enhanced instantly. True to it's claim, my skin is supple and brighter after this facial. My biggest concern of having dull skin was well taken care of, and I can say that there was a big improvement. I also realized that it boosts my skin absorption towards the products I applied daily. The result, a hydrated and radiant complexion.

Before and After Hydra Intense Solution Facial.
No more uneven skin tone.

 Happiness is... having a healthy skin 365 days.
I love how I look on every selfie - Supple, healthy, hydrated and baby smooth skin!

Skin maintenance is important to us ladies! Wouldn’t it be great if we can look a lot younger than our age even after 10 years? Stand out from the crowd, love yourself before others!

If you are interested in trying Bella’s Hydra Intense Solution or other treatments, you are in for a treat! Bella Skin Care is currently having a promo for all 1st time customers. Enjoy a customized facial treatment with complimentary skin analysis at only $38 (worth $120)!
Visit their Facebook Page at to claim the offer!

You can read about my Bella Skin Care Journey here:

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pigletgirl said...

Skin maintenance is overall, I think u really have taken good caring and also own good gene as well

Something Real Serious said...

so pretty <3

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