BlackBox June Edition – 500 Days of Summer Exclusive Pack

Love your skin? But not quite sure how to deal with the summer weather all year round? 
Received my 500 days summer exclusive pack from BlackBox two weeks ago and here comes the review! I would recommend this box to all of you as the products are Awesome and this box is selling at an incredible price!

These boxes are going at $29.90 and you can get it with 10% off using 
my promocode: BBXC2210  

Looking great with my natural juicy + pinkish lips

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SkinAz Lip Tattoo (Sexy Red)  - Retail price $24.90
( Selling at SaSa & BHG )

During your lazy days when you feel like going light on your make up, simply put on your favourite CC cream/sunscreen, followed by your choice of loose powder, glide on SkinAz Lip Tattoo in Sexy Red on your lip–voila! You get the radiant look in just minutes. What really impressed me is the long wear colour, giving a healthy finish that last through the day.

I first saw this during my Korea trip but hesitate to get it. Thanks for the collaboration as I found the secret of long-lasting red lips with natural shade. It's hard to peel the lip tattoo off on my first try but I found a little trick after that. Apply some lip balm to moisture your lips before SkinAz Lip Tattoo, this step makes a perfect peel off with an even and natural colour. I will then touch it up with my lip balm again to make it stay for the entire day. It's so convenient and makes my day easier especially for a girl who loves selfie anytime anywhere! No more worries about touching up your lipstick after then.

Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix - $23.90

Get toned and bikini ready bodywith this 2-in-1 body moisturiser toning gel. Add this on to your post workout routine, get a hot bath and massage the gel onto your problemareas till fully absorbed. Cellulite, flabs and water retention? No worries, they arecovered! Oh, and 1 more tip, always prepare your skin before application by exfoliating.

I'm a girl who can't sleep without body lotion and that's the reason why I have variety lotions standby in my room. I'm applying this Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix every night for almost two weeks now, I can feel my skin is firmer and softer. It also helps to sculpt and refined body contour, eliminate excess water, firming and shaping your body. I always wake up with firmer skin on the next morning.

Dr+Nu:ell Double S Lotion - $38.80

You know how we are always so fascinated by the Korean’s flawless skin look? Besides the help of makeup, good skincare regime is the key to achieving healthy flawless skin. It’s a no brainer to moisturisers as this is one step you can’t skip. If you haven’t already heard of Dr+Nu:ell, it is known for its self-regeneration ability, that means wound repairing. The whitening function is definitely a plus point we look for to beat the heat.

I love this all in one lotion that boost your self-regeneration to repair your skin. We always know beauty from within. This light texture lotion easily blend into my skin care routine to do an important step for my daily repairing. It also maintain my skin pH balance and it helps me achieve a healthier skin. I'm glad that I stay bright and hydrated all the time.

Trulife Tri-kit Collagen Drink

Our body produces lessercollagen as our age catches up over the years –which will resultindryness, wrinklesand skin thinning.Look good and feel good inside out with all the goodness you will find in this kit.It provides skin renewal, detox and eyehealth benefits, good for daily dosage. Take a bottle daily after mealsandjust before bedtime when the stomach is empty to optimise the result.Give it a whirl!

These boxes are going at $29.90 and you can get it with 10% off using 
my promocode: BBXC2210  

Boxes are flying off the shelves really quickly, go grab them at their e-store now!

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Anis Farhana said...

I've only tried the Berrisom Lip Tattoo.
Maybe I should try that one too