My first day in Hong Kong ~

I went to Hong Kong over the weekend and guess what, I took four years to come again since my last visit. I used to think there is no fun at all so I choose other country for holiday instead of HK but I was wrong. This trip truly changed my mind and I'll definitely go back again for delicious food and sweet people. Tammy is the lovely girl friend who took care of me for the first two days, I feel lot's of love and blessed that I have a sweet friend like you. Special Thanks to Tammy and her family, all of you are so so sweet to me!

I always love Cathay Pacific airline and I was so lucky to get their promo airfare from
Return air ticket at $299 only ^^

I want to buy a pair of casual heels for so long but unfortunately I have no time for shopping. Haha, and I spent my time wisely, I got this new pair at Charles & Keith in Changi Airport before boarding.

Tiring face as I slept three hours only on that day before I fly

This lovely girl came and pick me up in HK International airport! She is so sweet and we then headed to IFC via airport express train and it cost HKD$100.

The express train is so convenient and fast, it took me about 25minutes from Airport to IFC mall. This is the first HK Apple retail store! Look at the "smuffs" behind me haha.

Itacho sushi is right outside the gate after we stepped out from Airport express train in IFC. Found some different menu here.

Look at this! They have hot spring egg but it is extremely cold! Super niceeee

Found a reason to have Starbucks coffee, and I bought a pack of wife cookies while waiting for Tammy.

and I met Tammy in IFC

Appreciate Tammy and her family who let me stay with them in such a cosy place. I feel lots of love especially from their smiling faces and positive thinking.

Spotted three parrots in the house! One of them can speak like a human lol!

da-Dang! Something that I want to eat it again now, Yes Right Now!
傷心酸辣粉 Sadness sour and spicy noodle
Tammy brought me here and I love it! Start to regret now as I'm not so hungry after my Itacho sushi and not really ate a lot of this. Their spicy chicken was awesome too. You can order the noodle with different stage of spiciness. 

Took a shower and went out to Causeway bay for a pool party organised by Tammy's friend. Then we headed down to World Trade Centre for a casual drink and chit chat with night view. I'm glad that Tammy introduced one of her lovely friend to me called Carmen. I'm really happy to know you girls and you both taught me to find my own dream.

They have fantastic beef noodle and it was our supper time!

Beef noodle and fried fish skin .. super good!

The night view in Hong Kong is beautiful..

- To be continued -

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