( Vit C + Glutathione ) Whitening Jab in singapore 美白針

Thanks for all of the comments and enquiries about the whitening drip/jab on my previous post. I'm going to share more information after I did a few jabs in Singapore.

I'm a girl who into those beauty supplement such as collagen drink, whitening pills or sheep placenta. I'll never let any chance go as long as the supplement can make my skin glow. Previously I bought collagen drink which contained 10,000mg per bottle and consume Vitamin C and E daily in order to maintain the healthiness of my skin. I spent money on these kind of supplement as I know I'm not a girl who drink water frequently and usually I seldom eat vegetables and fruits. I truly understand "Prevention is better than Cure ".

For my first whitening jab, I feel surprised as it brought me visible result on the next day. My face looks radiant and brightened up. My skin obviously not dull anymore but smoother and moisture up after the jab. My legs were the darkest part previously but now they look brighter and even tone. This whitening jab helps forming collagen and this is the reason why I can feel baby smooth skin after it. Started from my third jab, I felt I'm getting fairer even though I didn't apply any sunscreen on my body.

For those sweeties who are into the whitening jab, the best result is to finish the first three jabs in a month, then followed by a jab monthly to maintain the skin condition. I consulted the doctor and personally I didn't feel any side effect on it. The whitening jab is just like the supplement we usually take such as Vitamin C. I love whitening jab because it shows visible result to me.

People who has dark spots or scars may consider this whitening jab as well as it helps lightened up the spots and scars. Besides, the Vitamin C inside the jab helps boost up our antibiotic and let us stay away from illness. The Glutathione inside the jab will helps on the prevention of cancer as it is one of the master of antioxidant along with Vitamin E.

The before and after photos..
My yellowish skin looks better after the jab

What is Whitening Jab?
It contains vitamin C and high strength glutathione to give you the antioxidant boost much needed in today’s busy lifestyle. This powerful team of antioxidants will improve your defense against the ravaging of free radicals which accelerates aging, this product is excellent for people who need an extra boost of antioxidants, especially for people who smoke and lead a relatively stressful lifestyle.

Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid:
Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is the cornerstone of any antioxidant program. It is an extraordinary molecule that performs hundreds of essential functions. Vitamin C helps cement the body together by forming a fibrous connective tissue called collagen. An excellent ingredient key to maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion.

Along with vitamin C, Glutathione is one of the master antioxidant along with Vitamin E. CoQ10 and lipoic acid. Glutathione has a crucial role in the body’s immune defenses. A loss of glutathione leads to increased susceptibility to free radicals. Glutathione protects us from the effect from a variety of toxic substances.
In human beings, Glutathione is mostly found in the liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas, where it performs essential biological functions. It protects against damage to proteins in the brain and for that reason it is often classed as the ‘smart nutrient’. It also protects the stomach lining against environmental toxins.

Whitening jab in Singapore
You may quote my name " Chacha " to get a 6 jabs package for $900 with complimentary face serum from Doctor Keith Ong. You may try it out if you interested to get a better skin and healthier body. Do let me know after you get the package and I can share more info and products with you. email me at : foreverchacha@gmail.com

Parsons Medical Clinic  ( Yishun )
Block 779 Yishun Ave 2 , #01-1541
Opens on Tue,Wed & Fri 9am to 12pm.

Pacific Clinic & Surgery( Paragon )   **This is the branch I usually visit**
290 Orchard Road Paragon Lobby C  #07-13
Opens on -
Mon & Sat : 9am to 1pm , 3pm to 8pm
Tue, Wed & Fri : 3pm to 8pm

Dr Keith Ong
( Quote " chacha "  for whitening package )
You will enjoy 6 jabs package for $1000 + 1 Complimentary face serum
Phone: 87770736


Yap En Yu said...

there are any branches in kl or nt?can u pls email me the location n futher information?

Liz Chua said...

I have a certificated nurse who is doing whitening jabs. Good and affordable price call liz 92288105

Liz Chua said...

I have a certificated nurse who is doing whitening jabs. Good and affordable price call liz 92288105

Kurnia Betty Chew said...

Hi Liz,

Have you tried the certified nurse before?

Kurnia Betty Chew said...

Hi Liz,

Would you recommend any certified nurse? Thanks.

Abby Espino said...

Hi Betty, yes I have tried the nurse before and doing my jabs with her too. Do contact me for more info 98250556

Shinta Setyowati said...

How much is whitening jab?

Shinta Setyowati said...

How much is whitening jab?

Crystal Teo said...

I have my products..i just need someone to inject for me..charlene..do u think ur doc will help to inject?

edeline tiu said...

hi charlene.im a certified nurse.can i purchase the whitening products only, from your dr?

Jenh said...

You can call this number for the jab service ‪9169 3844‬ Melanie.. She’s registered nurse here at Sg.

favourite bags said...

Hi, I'm selling Korea brand whitening drip. It's better then injection in terms of result. Direct import from Korea. A lot of Korean celebrity and plastic surgeons uses it.
It's come in 3 box as a set (10times drip)
(1)Vitamin C
(3)Theocritus acid
Use all 3 together for the drip
Selling it in 5set or 1box(10)

contact me at 94293436

Liz Chua said...

Dear snow white babes

I'm selling whitening drips from Korea and it came with 10 drips. the selling point of this whitening drip is you can achieve the colour you wants and able to give you better skin tone and achieved flawness skin. I can recommend nurse to drip for you if you do not have

call liz +65 92288105

Glitzy Kix said...

Please contact +65 96371212 if you are looking for a range of reliable products. Injection service available too.

anna sooi said...

ChaCha, tried to reach Dr Ong. Does the price still apply? I am interested to know more on this whitening and Vit C jab. thanks Anna. i hv also send you an email . tks

Faith Berry Tree said...

I carry premium whitening injectables and drip brands such as Cindella (Korea) and Glutax (Italy) which are directly imported. I am available to answer all your questions you have. Certified nurse services available at your convenient timings.

For further queries, please contact +65 9768 7681.

Nandy said...

Hi Faith Berry Tree, Is your services still available. I contacted your number but can't get through

Fanny Ki said...

Yup they are. You may contact me at 9768 7681. Thanks. :)

Faith Berry Tree said...

I carry premium whitening injectables and drip brands such as Cindella (Korea) and Glutax (Italy) which are directly imported. I am available to answer all your questions you have. Certified nurse services available at your convenient timings.

For further queries, please contact +65 9768 7681.

Glying Shido said...

Throughout history, sheep placenta benefits are well known and has been used as a beauty and health supplement in China and Europe. However, not all sheep placenta products or supplements in the market are reliable. CellLabs CLASSaaNTA sheep placenta contains active growth factors, antioxidants, immunisation molecules, essential lipids, nucleic acids, silk amino acid, and hundreds of other components that speed up our body’s healing process, promotes cellular growth and slows down ageing. Read more at:

HeyHani said...

Hey chacha I heard currently Dr Keith has stopped doing glutathione injection because of MOH stopage on it. Whr do you go now for the same injection? Can text me in 91527694. Thanks

Sharon La said...

Where can i get afforable whitening jab?

Amzi said...

I m 27 years old guy. I would like to buy glutathione whiting injection in Singapore. Can any one tell help me for it. It's my cell phone number +6594211809 any one text me. Thks

Unknown said...

Hi is this treatment still done and is the promo quote still valid at his clinic for that package?
Ye Swan Yi

Elaine said...

Elaine +65 8419 3157

I provide various whitening and anti-aging injections/drips for anyone seeking flawless and radiant skin. Best of all, these treatments benefit the health and immune system too. Some of the vials include Glutathione, Vitamin C, Amino Acid, Thioctic Acid, Vitamin B6, etc which are essential nutrients the body needs.

A course of 10 weekly treatments is generally recommended for optimal results. Some may need more sessions to see desired results. Call me today for a non-obligatory discussion.

Joy Gorgonio said...

Hi there! You can message me @+65 96464188 if you have any question or queries about glutathione skin whitening and anti aging. I’m very much willing to help

Elaine said...


Please contact Elaine @8419 3157 for queries regarding glutathione, vitamin c and tranexamic acid treatments for skin whitening. Thank you.