Back to school ~ Apple Private Event @Zirca 2012

Thanks to Alfred and Zhirong for the stunning photos here ~ 

One of the Apple Event last year at Zirca and the theme was "Back to school". Everyone seems excited and dressed up well for this event. Honestly, this event was boring without the bosses haha , but I'm sure all of us looking forward to have a better one in future.

This was the second time we held event in Zirca and I wish the next one will be somewhere else.

People might curious about why the students getting into a club lol

Danny and I 

Pretty Korean ladies ~

Victor and I

Denny and I

Lovely Jossy and I

You are my girl!
Carol sha

My sweet korean ladies

My cute lou dau ~

Kisses <3

Alfred and I

Gifts for the lucky one


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So cool a back to school party! With the uniforms and all that, we never had uniform in my school, but it would be cool to wear one for a party. You look stuning in yours =).
I'm curious to know what where in those apple gift boxes!!!xD

imchacha said...

Haha some gifts...