( Venice Part 1 ) Spring season in Venice ~ a beautiful floating city

This is my second time in Venice and it brought back priceless memories, especially when looking back at these beautiful photos. The view is stunning as usual, blue skies and clear waters a perfect match. Floating boats abound exactly like what I saw during my first visit. I really love this city and always recommend people around me that they ought to visit at least once.

I remember two years back, stepping out of Venezia station and thinking "this place is exactly what I'd expected and doesn't seem special". I was proved wrong soon after. What's amazing for me is that despite being surrounded by seas, Venice is not enshrouded by the sort of 'saltiness' that comes with most sea ports.This is a city best enjoyed with loved ones, especially before it gets totally submerged.

Look at the greenish water without saltiness in the air.

a narrow way in between the houses

The market in the morning

To be continued..

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