( Taiwan - Part 6 ) 18SX !! 饒河夜市 RaoHe Night market ~

I visited to Rao He Night market the day before i went back to SG~ This is a traditional night market in Taipei .People sitting beside the street and eating their street food. Rao He night market located right beside a big temple..   I remembered there was a Game running on that day, Simply get a map from the information counter and collect 2 stamps and you will earn NTD$50 to spend in the night market. But i didn't participate lolx..  

How to go to RaoHe night market?    怎麼去饒河夜市
Train: To SongShan Station

Taipei MRT: to HouShanBi Station and follow by Zhongbo Bei Lu and walk about 10 minutes

Look at this >.<''   The famous snack in the night market ~
a lot of western people buying it ...

This is the temple located right beside the Night market ..

Sotong ball  ... lolx "squid" ball~ 

The Grilled Oyster!!!  Feel like wanna eat this >.<'

Argghh ~ the Egg pudding , i feel regret as i didn't try this..
Someone didn't realize that i Love those desserts ..

the Gyoza ? looks yummy~

Erm =.='' i feel guilty for this, 
as i bought 1 but i didn't have extra "space" for this in my stomach T_T
the chicken wing ? not really,  but the chicken wing wrapped with Rice!!

Egg with Oyster ~~  蠔煎   taste so..so ,
Prefer the KL 's style ~

Omg~ this is killing me!!! really Yummy!
Doraemon's favorite dessert hehe~
These came with different fillings ~

Love the Tiramisu Cream!!  I put it into the fridge in hotel ,
and i ate this on my way back to Taoyuen Airport ~

Woahhh , Looks Spicy ??!
nope, Looks oily for me!!!

You will able to see the game section in any Night market in Taiwan~

My eyes keep looking at the Hello Kitty bag that day ... lol

The same thing i found in Shilin night market ~
Prawning .... 

This is nice.. 花枝 ~  kind of seafood, (maybe kind of sotong/squid ? )
The Auntie who selling this was kind, and gave me half potion as i told her im full 
  with the seaweed flakes...yummy ~

another food that killing me ~
This is really GREAT!
1 for NTD$10.   the grilled pork wrap with vege..

Who going to wear that Apron ??!
haha ~ a kiosk that selling Those 18sx stuffs.

On my way back ... heading to the Airport ...
I took an express bus from Taipei station ~

Grabbed these for my journey to Airport !
I must say that : This Sandwich was Freaking GOOD!!!!
I wanna eat again ...   T_T  和風溏心蛋三文治
why our 7-11 not selling this , and the bread as soft as the bread from Japan's 7-11 !!

" I'm sorry, no Photo shooting please ...."
hahaha ~but i already got the shot ~ The Godiva kiosk in the Airport ~
Found my favorite Godiva chocolate Frappe here...

But the taste was totally different from SG's Takashimaya one...
Taste so so here   ... =.=''
I just wanna shout out loudly   " You are not Godiva !!! "

The same Robot that i saw it last year =.=''
Last visit to Taipei was last year May.

I bought some books from Taoyuen Airport , 
The books are really Cheap in Taiwan !!!
And I found this ... 
I wish to go to Kyoto next time   >x<'' 京都  
as my Taiwanese buddy told me that she just came back from Kyoto and it is a Great place.

End of my Simple Taipei trip~

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MickeyDstrange said...

i love sotong balls!!!!!!!!

imchacha said...

yeah me too !!!! yummy and chewy lolx!!