Smile =) for a Busy Week ....

my pretty Korean Lady -Kukhee
we wore the similar dress that day =)

... busy busy Busy Busy ~~~~ I have a long To-Do list ... but yet still not able to complete all of them.
I hope that i able to clean up my room and arrange my wardrobes before i fly . Woah ~It's June. another 6 months to end this year ... Time flies.. Sometimes i sleep for 12 hours and end up didn't do a single thing after work. Feel extremely relax lying on my bed, listening the music and online..
I always have this feeling : Don't do something that make yourself regret , everyone's deserve a Good Life and Great memory. You are the one who create your life..

Yan successfully made this Awesome Heartshape Jelly cake..  <3 Yummy!
An Apple a day ~ Keeps me Happy everyday ^^

Guss what ?
The GSS !!!! Great Singapore Sale 2012 !!

someone :" Shopping ! Shopping ! Shopping ! "

Keep checking the L'occitane Almond range for at least half a year...
as the price is slightly expensive for me ( about $70-75 sgd ), 
but Finally bought it with $10 discount for my Birthday month! 
L'occitane Almond Supple skin Oil ~ omg ~Love the smell !!

this is the one !! It really smells good and helps to Firm up your skin ^^
L'occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil
( photo from google )

Waiting for my hair to grow longer..
anyone have an idea to let the hair grow faster???

wanna have this Hair Length~ hehe  =)
She is Hanna , famous blogger from taiwan ~
Samantha Loves her so much ~

Found this dessert in Malaysia.. really Love it ~
Love the Yam balls.. 
this is definitely brought from taiwan ~ 芋圓 

At Last , my favorite ..
Starbucks ..
" Hey ! Free advertising again ?! "
Arghhh I wish i can paid for this l, but I really Love Starbucks! hahaha
They have a new Strawberry soymilk shake ~ not bad ^^ but a little too sweet for me >.<''


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