* Special Thanks to all of U *

I went to Mcdonalds last week for the Hello Kitty with my Danbo~
I bought my Danbo from Taipei last year ~
He is extremely Adorable ..
Wherever , Whenever , However..
lol ~ Bought it around sgd$60+  ( if not mistaken ..forgot the price =.='' )
and i Love it ~~

I gave it to someone few months ago ,
but end up i miss it and grabbed it back when the someone is not around  =.=''
feel Paiseh  ~ LOL

Look at this.. He is cute right ?!!? ahahah
And i got my first Kitty from McDonalds

 LOL....    fainted Danbo on the table ..
Cute faces ~ Funny editing ~

The second collection of Kitty ~
Mcdonalds Day ! 

Latest update:   I started to miss Frances..
She start her training today and after the training she will move to a New Team ~

I love to tight up my hair these days...
feel Fresh and not messy at all  ~  ^^

Love the skin condition these days...
as I put on the mask frequently ...
but there is still some pigmentation on my face...   >.<''

Special Thanks to " Mystic321 " from EDMW forum,
as he stated that Gmarket currently selling the Leaders Insolution masks for Cheaper Price...
I bought 2 dozens =.=''  and Samantha thong bought about 1 dozen too !!
LOL xxx   ~~ 

Special Thanks to all of you ..
who always visit to my blog and 
whoever click into the advertisement on the Top and Right >v<  

Thank You !!!!!



Mystic321 said...

LOL! 2 dozens is overkilled! Feel so honoured to contribute~ ^^

imchacha said...

ahahha ~ appreciate it ^^

Blogger said...

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