( Taiwan - Part 2 ) Shilin Night market ~~~ 士林夜市走透透

I Went to shilin night market on my first night .. A must Go place for me every time I travel to Taipei ...
 ( went here  quite some times .. )  Discovered a lot of Unique food and stalls.
Shilin night market is a great place for Street foods and shopping ~~ 
hehe, able to eat a lot of special finger food and able to find a lot of trendy stuff here
I enjoyed to look around and  keep checking on the Stall's banner..
Walked non stop for 3 hours in Shilin night market ~ 

Took their Subway to JianTan station (劍潭), not shilin station ( people always confused about this )
I will share about the General Things in Shilin night market today ~~

After get off the Subway, and Follow the exit stated : 士林夜市
then you will see this ~

Woaah ~ Look at the people!!!
really crowded ~!

The fresh fruits from the fruit stall, but the price a little higher as they keep hard sell to the tourist~
I bought a small pack of peach at $6 =.=''

The 2 little angels...
Skinfood trademark ~Wings!!

This is similar like Japan!!! all the cute catching machine!
Too bad i didn't try ~

I Love Aiyu~!!! this is good, you can find it in SG & M'sia too~

Oh~ I crazy for this Super Fattening Food!!
The potatoes with Hawaiian filling ~
bacon , cheese, spring onion , corn ...

Hehe, the balance ~ the potato cost me 60NTD ~ about $2.50

This is the one~! Remember their brand name ~

Ahahaa ~ the cute puppies in night market ~!!
And i checked the price ..it's so cheap!!
50% cheaper compare to SG doggies ^^

I wonder .. who named this stall =.=''

Look at this! the mini Prawning station!!
I guess Samantha thong will crazy for this!!!
Prawning and BBQ dirctly on the spot and EAT!!!

The 3 Korean guys ..
They really enjoyed it !!!

Street artist ~ Sing quite well but i don't know who you are.. =.=''

Jiang ~~ I got my card holder finally in Taipei !
even Engraved with my name! lolx ~
The leather card holder ^^

Hehe ~~ Satisfied with it ...   <3
By the way , im really enjoy to look around in the night market , a lot of foreigner from HK, M'sia,
China or Japan ... and the weather was just Nice! not so cold and not hot at all ~~
I reliazed i have tons of the photos on that night !!
Next post will talk about the Street food in shilin night market ~~~ HEHEHE

To Be Continue ...

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