25 Random Facts About Charlene

1. My favourite junk food.
- Chocolate!

2. My favourite way to spend my free time when I'm alone.
- Edit Photos, Play Dota 2, Facebook Live

3. Three things that make me happy.
- Flowers, Starbucks Mocha Frappe, Lipsticksssss

4. My favourite Kpop idol.
- Jung Yong-hwa ( CNBlue ) lol

5. Song that heals my soul.
- You are my all in all.

6. My best moment.
- Snowboarding in Korea with love.

7. Three colours in my wardrobe.
- White, white, white. ( denim as well lol )

8. Longest relationship.
- 5 years.

9. If I could pick a puppy for now.
- Pomeranian.

10. My favourite drama series.
- Game of Throne.

11. My Dream Christmas.
- Have a simple dinner in overseas with loved one.

12. Nike or Adidas.
- Adidas.

13. Languages I speak.
- Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English, a bit of Malay and Korean.

14. What is your usual bedtime?
- Around one in the midnight.

15. Sneakers or Heels.
- Sneakers for sure.

16. Cuisine that I can eat everyday.
- Japanese food.

17. The last time I cried.
- A month ago as my granny went into the hospital.

18. What I do besides of blogging.
- Online florist, social media marketing, and a bit of financial advisory

19. How tall am I.
- 174cm, I suppose. Tall and chubby.

20. My favourite beauty product.
- Lipstick! I like to collect them haha.

21. When were your last embarrassed?
- I fall down on my birthday in a fancy restaurant two years ago.

22. My favourite sentence.
- Do what makes you happy, just follow your heart.

23. Guys that caught my attention.
- Fun, positive, fair skin lol

24. A skill that I wish I could master at.
- Playing piano.

25. Drinks that I love.
- Milo, milk tea, ice lychee tea, winessssssss.


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