You have no Future!

Self-help gurus and Zen Buddhists tell us to live in the present, doest it matter?
It matters.

Because when you are happy, enthusiastic, absorbed, in love, you plug into the power of Universe. When you are dissatisfied, distracted and depressed, you are unplugged, and when you are unplugged, you are powerless to create anything better.

Your key to a better life is to feel good Now. Not next week, not when you pay off the apartment, not when peace is declared in the Middle East.

Every moment that you spend regretting the past or fearing the future is an affirmation that life is lousy, and so you get more of "lousy".

Here's another reason to live in the present:
The future doesn't exist. You have no future!
Of course, we pretend it does. We pretend that time is like a piece of string where the past is on once end, the future is on the other end, and the present is in the middle. Not so.

All we have is an eternally unfolding present moment. The only time you will ever meet the future is when it becomes NOW. And when the future is now, it is not the future. There is no value in waiting for something doesn't exist.

It is useless telling yourself " I Will be rich, I Will be happy, I Will be successful."
When your mind is in the future you are spinning your wheels.

Your power is in the present: " I AM rich, I AM happy, I AM successful."
I AM that I AM. The two most powerful words in the Universe are, "I AM"

You are perfectly designed to handle present moments. Remind yourself, " Right this second I have everything I need. I choose to enjoy THIS moment." Every second that you live in the present moment is an affirmation that life is good, and that feeling goodness showers more goodness to you.

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