Silky Girl : Expert Brow Slim Liner & Moisture Boost Lipcolor BalmReview

Fun, Young, Colourful & exudes confidence  SILKYGIRL is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. 

SILKYGIRL is no stranger to me as I was attracted by their colourful packaging a few years ago. I've always been curious about this brand and now I have the opportunity to try and share about their new Expert Brow Slim Liner and Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm!

 Expert Brow Slim Liner

As you girls know, your brows frame your face and the way they are shaped, changes the way you look. 

What excites me the most about the new Expert Brow Slim Lineris the 1.8mm slim tip brow liner for precise brow finishing.Whether you want to rock full, bold brows or slim brows, you need to ensure that they are neatly shaped and now you can do sowith SILKYGIRL Expert Brow Slim Liner.

I'm a girl who can't leave home without a good brow make up haha. SILKYGIRL Expert Brow Slim Liner also comes with spoolie brush on the other end for eye brow shaping, so it's real easy for us to shape our brows on the go. I've tried both of the colours and I personally am more into shade 01, Natural Brown for a natural brow look especially for a girl who dyed her hair to a lighter hair colour like me. The colour just blends well into my brow! 

The liner is the retractable type that does not require any sharpening! I love how my brows look after I fill them in as the liner easily helps my brows look fuller in a very natural yet precise way.

also like that it's water-proof and long-wearing. It lasts the entire day out even after perspiring on a hot sunny day. A few wipes to remove the perspiration and the brow shape still stays perfectly well

Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

With a boost of color and moisture, SILKYGIRL Lipcolor Balm caught my attention with these trendy shades that I've always fancied. 

These lip balms are creamy, pigmented, and moisturizing ! And it comes with sophisticated and sleek, retractable packagingThey glide on VERY smoothly and evenly, leaving my lips feeling extremely moisturised and looking very pretty.
You can definitely get a colour that suit you well with all their trendy shades here and I would have to say this is definitely unbeatable in terms of the price with this quality. Love how it brightens my lips with its sweet colour.

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