Snail White Facial Cream Review

Snail White Facial Cream is no longer an unfamiliar product in the market since a year back. I'm so excited to try this out and share the review for those who are still considering to give it a try.

Snail white is an anti aging cream formulated with the snail secretion to ensure efficacy of the cream. It claims to protect skin from future damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves firmness, brightness and rehydrating the skin. The packaging itself stated Regenerate, Recovery, Repairing, Restore & Renew.

My favourite pump up jar that keeps the product away from exposing to the air as it might affect its quality. 

The texture is sticky, but light and absorbing fast into our skin. I used it once a day before I go to bed and it keeps my skin hydrating all night long in the air-con room.

Snail White Facial Cream is a product of NAMU Life, Thailand. It's been a huge vibe since it launched as it gives you a healthier skin and it heals faster from acne, scars and sun damage. It also stops bacterias growing and meanwhile moisturize the skin.

What I love about Snail White Facial Cream:
- It's super easy to absorb into our skin, non greasy even the texture is slightly sticky
- Hygienic packaging ( pump up jar )
- Moisturises my skin as it promises
- Brighten up my skin

I don't really like :
- the smell. I'm not sure if this is a normal scent for "snail" product, but I just don't feel comfortable as it smells a little bit like plastic? ( maybe just me )

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