Weekend Gathering @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

We spent a night at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa a few weeks back for our friend's catch up gathering cum birthday celebration for Carol. The room is huge, clean and relaxing, located near to the beach. However, the facilities fall below my expectation as there's no wifi in the room, the swimming pool is small with an empty bar on the roof top, and it's not suitable for a party-goers as they have a very strict rule - no visitors after 7pm.

Taxi selfies >v<

Huge washroom with bathtub!

We brought our wines!
We called room service for ice bucket and wine glasses.

Sea view from the rooftop.

We were all set for a swim.

We had our dinner here right beside the hotel.
Thanying Fine Thai at the Amara Sanctuary

We ordered many dishes most of them were awesome. Must try - Tom Yom Sea food soup, Mango Salad, Steamed fish, Thai Green Curry and Oliver Rice. Thumps up for the services here, it was Awesome! Money well spent as the food is good and the staff is polite & attentive even there was only one staff on the floor.

Good ambience

Yummy Tom Yum

I prefer their fried rice than this pineapple fried rice

Must try their fried rice

I love red ruby so much and glad that I can had it here,
but why is their ruby not in red colour =(

Mango sticky rice was nice.

Had a walk near the beach.

It was lantern festival and we saw some family gathering here with lantern and fireworks.
Thanks to these generous people who welcomed us to join their fun.

Our life is short like the sparks.
Live your best.

Saw a bouquet here, feel the happiness by seeing this.

The next day..
on our way back

The best of times, are always found when friends gather around.
Thanks guys, for a wonderful & relaxing weekend like this.


小扬 said...

Love life~~ Live life to the fullest!

imchacha said...

=) Indeed!

Tenshi Chn said...

Ahh~ I want the mango sticky riceee~


Maariah said...

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