SkinnyMint Teatox Review

Teatox, a big hit recently that detoxify your body and helps you to stay away from toxins. I've embarked my journey with SkinnyMint and I'm proud to share my review here after my 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Program.

Here comes the SkinnyMint review..

Everyone wants to detox, but do you know how it affect our body? Long-term exposure to toxins affects our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease and cancer. They are stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years -yikes!

I love the idea of natural detoxing, this is the reason why I love SkinnyMint Night Cleanse so much! Besides of detox, it also helps me to sleep better. I used to be a light sleeper but not now anymore, which I found myself energized the next day.

Some people might say it doesn't work on them, but are they drink it the right way? It also depends on individual, as you know we are all unique, different from each other. Some people might found that the effect of Night Cleanse is perfect for them even they just soak the teabag for 3 minutes, but some people might get the same effect if they soak the teabag in for 30minutes.

People always ask me "does it works?" It works for me on detoxify and cleanse. If you talk about slimming, cardio will be a plus to go with SkinnyMint Teatox. The workout enhances body shape while the teatox helps to detox and increase metabolism, so it's easier for you to get the best result.

"I always believe that hard work paid off!"

 Look at my tummy haha
* Feeling shy* I found it less boated and easier to build muscle perhaps! ^^

The confident level is getting higher and higher, feel so good during my shopping time as I can fit in most of the outfits I bring to the fitting room. Imagine if you can wear whatever you like and you look good in any attire, what's not to love? :p

Health is the real Wealth!

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Something you want to know about SkinnyMint Teatox:
1) How's the taste?
The Morning Boost tastes super good, fresh and fruity. I can smell strawberry and grapefruit with the freshness of green tea. A lot of people don't like the taste of Night Cleanse as it comes with lemongrass and ginger, but I'm totally fine with it.

2) Is it effective?
It works for me without changing my lifestyle. The Morning Boost helps in burning fats, boosting metabolism and reduce appetite whereby the Night Cleanse works well in reducing bloated tummy and detox. I would suggest some workout and eat healthy together with this Teatox Program to see maximum result. Personally tried it and I found my body toned up easier, maybe it's because of my metabolism rate is getting better. 

3) Any side effects?
I'm happy to give it a try as this is 100% natural and no side effects for me.

4) Will I have diarrhea?
The Night Cleanse has laxative effect and it helps you to flush out all those toxins in the morning. Just a slightly increased natural flushing for me which I totally feel alright with it.

5) What's the best plan for first timer?
I would say 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Program as this is their full program. There's no point if you just get 14 Day Trial and you are half way there, getting another 14 Day is actually cost you more.

6) Is it okay if consume together with pill/ medicine?
It does not clash with the pill and won't affect the contraceptive effect. The recommendation by SkinnyMint is to take your pill either after breakfast, before dinner or before drinking the Night Cleanse.

7) Can I drink it during my period?
Absolutely fine. My friend and I found that the night cleanse actually helps in soothing if you suffer from cramps during period.

8) Can I drink it if I'm breast-feeding?
No. This is too strong for the baby. You can take this Teatox after your breastfeed journey to get back your pre-pregnant body and look gorgeous, of course!

9) Is this only for girl?
No! It's for everyone, as long as you are 15years old and above. =) 

10) Where to buy?
They selling online with worldwide FREE shipping:  


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