Sakae Teppanyaki

I rarely go to Sakae for their sushi as I don't think their sushi meet my expectation. Sometimes I'm curios about why, they still have long queue like others do, perhaps the sushi buffet attracted a lot of people who can eat a lot. Then I heard about Sakae Teppanyaki from a friend of mine but I'm not putting a big hope on it.

I've finally visited Sakae Teppanyaki last week and it changed my mind, all I can say is "Awesome..." haha. The chef is experienced and well trained, great job and great food. I got myself foie gras, oyster, beef, salmon, mushroom and many more. I've craving for foie gras for long long time, Mmmmm... Big Satisfaction!

I thought usually Garlic rice is oily but Sakae's Garlic rice is awesome! Not that oily and super tasty! The crabmeat putting a smile on my face as it was fresh and well match with the garlic rice, Oh mama I can eat a bowl now!


Scallop and vege

One of my favourite - foie gras

Salmon is always my love ^^

At first, the chef asked me how I would love my sirloin beef to be cooked. I told him I prefer medium cook or medium rare is okay for me. Then he started to have a dance with his hands. I started to worry if my beef is overcook but the chef never fail me and serve me a Just Nice sirloin beef! Woohoo.. So happy for my juicy and soft beef cubes.

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