One day casual tour in Melbourne City - Part 1

The weather was so nice when I travelled to Melbourne and I miss it already! I had my casual tour in Melbourne city with Andy aka Yuan, my childhood friend who living in Melbourne for more than 4 years. I can smell coffee everywhere in the town. They do have a famous gelato shop called N2, a must try gelato if you travel to Melbourne. I enjoyed my day tour in the town, but I really hope the shops could open a till late longer but not closing at 5pm sharp. I enjoyed myself so much to feel the country and thanks to Yuan, who took a lot of photos for me whereby I myself took a lot of the street's name so it helps me remember that I have been these places before haha. It's a nice place if you wish to explore new culture and places and I have my first experience to get into a tram during my Melbourne trip.

I am lucky as I explored a lot of different places and culture here in Melbourne with the assistant by Yuan, I'm looking forward for more and more. =)

Cute cupcake store with colourful design

a hipster place that everyone can tell

First tried in Melbourne and I love it so so much!
What is this call?

Graffiti everywhere

Tried Lord of Fries during my day trip in Melboune
They have thick fries with customised sauces that you can choose from.
I found myself don't really like their bread as it is hard for me.

This is how the tram looks like in Melbourne

Hey Yuan, what are you doing there?

We've been here... Rose street 

They never let go any part of Melbourne for their creativity lol

N2 extreme gelato is one of the famous must try gelato in Melbourne!
I found myself love the concept so much as well as the texture and taste of the gelato ^^

Spotted a sweet lady in the shop

Their special menu: Creme Brûlée is Awesome! Yuan and I wanna get a second cup of it!

the making of...

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