Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean Review

I've heard that people used to clean their teeth with charcoal from my grandma as charcoal is one of the best ingredients for whiter teeth and here it is, the brand new Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean toothpaste that claims the speedy whitening agent, one of the ingredient inside would helps to remove yellowish stains! It contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules that effectively absorb dirt and deeply clean our mouth. I glad that the traditional way has implemented into our tooth paste these days.

Da-Dang! I got my charcoal tooth brush from mummy! Best match huh? haha. I like this toothpaste because I can see significant differences even on my first try. ^^ When time goes by, we don't own white teeth anymore, especially for those who loves coffee and cigarettes. I'm thinking to go for a teeth whitening treatment and this charcoal toothpaste would be great for maintaining white teeth after my treatment.

Thanks mummy for the charcoal tooth brush ^^

Special colour that representing charcoal ^^

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Unknown said...

Does it still have a minty taste? I love charcoal related things. Would definitely have to try it. I've used the toothbrush before too, though I don't know how it is charcoal toothbrush or how it would help unless it is in the bristle, I find the bristle too soft!