How to make Canapé ~ My Canapé recipes

Throwing a party but not sure what to serve?
Have no idea what to eat at home especially during the haze period these days?
You may consider this , Canapé.
A canapé is a small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.

Thanks Denny, who taught me this cute little finger food and it super good match with wines. The ingredients are easy to find in all supermarket and there are just few steps to make. There are two recipes to share with you today.

Ham & Cheese Canapé:
Ingredients :
- Plain Crackers ( Meiji )
- Ham
- Cheese
- Creme cheese
- Cherry tomatoes

Meiji Plain Cracker

Cut the cheese into 4 and put it on the crackers

Then slice the Ham on it..

Cut the cherry tomatoes into half

This is the Creme cheese that I used
super tasty

Put a little creme cheese on the Ham and follow by a half cherry tomato


Smoked salmon Canapé: 

Ingredients :
- Plain Crackers ( Meiji )
- Marinated Salmon ( Smoked Salmon )
- Creme cheese
- Onion
- Capers ( Figaro )

Ready with the Plain crackers

Put the smoke salmon on the crackers

Then follow by the Creme cheese and onion

And you can put two little capers on it

Looks great isn't it?
Simple and tasty!
Especially go well with wines!

Like my post and keep me sharing ..

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