Happy 25th Birthday!!

I had a unforgettable Birthday this year. 
Appreciate all the loves given to me, Thank's to all of you ! I had my pre birthday dinner with my gang at ShabuSai, Orchard Central. My first visit and I love it~ Then I had my birthday dinner at Prive cafe, Keppel bay. A place that make me feel relaxed like I am in oversea.

My life is Colourful .. because of you !

Thanks Denny for the special decoration and I know it's not easy for a surprise like this.

My birthday vouchers in the envelope.. and the only cake during my birthday

Love the colourful balloons ..

Surprised from you Andy,
We knew each other for at least 15 years..

My favourite Macaroons from Carol Sha ~

The chocolate that you sent all the way from France!
You always remember my birthday!
>v< Thanks!

A cute bracelet from Victor Tan all the way from Laos..
Must be a fun trip with your bike's gang!
It looks so Pandora okay !! haha  =)

A cute charm from you ~
I have my perfect life here because of you!
Thanks lou dau, Vincent Tan~

Got this today from my sweetie,
Frances Li.
Super fancy and really love it~

A special gift ...
I really want to get a white watch since long time ago,
Aiming this Baby-G after the SNSD became their spokesperson.
Billion Love! 

Keppel Bay..
My very first visit to this place.. Love it

Prive cafe..
a super good place

Pictures with iPhone ~

Fighting !! for a better Chacha ~
Thanks everyone !

* Thanks Jason for the Osaka Travel Guide book but I forgot to take a picture here *
* Thanks Pilwon who sent me a gift all the way from Korea although it's still on it's way *

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Threshold Of An Era said...

The picture is cute. Now u got 2 birthday cake also more wishes