Sponsored Coordinate: www.Pearlavish.com.sg

Sponsored coordinate: TREASURE OF HEAVENS LACE SWIRL DRESS WHITE from www.pearlavish.com.sg  ♡  Enter Promo code "im-chachaPROMO" and enjoy Free Local shipping in Singapore. 

Glad to collaborate with Pearlavish this time for their good quality online shopping. 

I like to wear white but one thing that bugs me is that most of them are too thin and translucent. I'll always have to wear an extra singlet underneath a white dress. Pearlavish nailed the thickness with this dress/ series.

I wore on this white dress from Pearlavish to attend the Beauty workshop last weekend. I'm satisfied with the quality of the dress. Credit to Pearlavish.



Kenneth said...

Nice Dress =]

imchacha said...

Thanks Kenneth^^