Healing Touch - Nice and Cheap Unisex Body Massage in Singapore

Gone are the days where the shoulder and backaches are exclusive to the old. Office workers like myself, are frequently plagued with stiff shoulders and swollen lymph nodes. Ever fancy having a relaxing massage in a serene setting only to find that it either costs beyond your budget or is booked for the day?

Well I found this place on the web a couple of days back - a quick browse through the site brought me to lots of positive reviews by past customers, and the price seemed fair, so I went ahead and booked 1 session on the phone. There're a few branches to choose from and I opted for the one at Novena.

As you would have imagined, I was greeted with the familiar scent of massage oils upon entering. The scent in itself almost has the relaxing effect on me, love it. 

Personally, I just dread the oily and sticky feel on my skin after oil massages, so I normally default to thai massage. After detailed explanation by the masseur though, I ended up trying the body scrub and asian fusion oil massage. It was actually pretty good! I didn't get the usual stickiness on my skin, which was good, and they even have hot shower facilities.

My review for Healing Touch Singapore:
I really like the professionalism here - there wasn't any hard sell tactics being employed for add-ons. The overall environment is clean and comfortable, with the masseurs being extremely polite towards guests. Aside from masterful massage techniques, I also like how my skin feels baby-smooth after their exfoliation process. Every cent is definitely well spent here and I can see myself being a regular!

This is not an advertorial but my Personal Experience.
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Kenneth said...

Haha didnt try this thing before.

and well... i dont think i will try in the future... not for guys right?

im Charlene said...

Its a Unisex body massage, for both guys and girls..

JuZ JZin said...

any therapist to recommend?

Mike H. Forrest said...

Yes, Office workers are generally have problems in their shoulder and lymph. So they need that kind of massage because massage feels relaxation, also help for removing all the stress from the body. I think the that kind of massage is really good for us.
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