My CNY 2013 .. Perfect because of my Family & Friends

Forgive me for my laziness to bring out the camera from my bag during my trip to KL.. All of these photos took by my iPhone 4S.. ( still good isn't it ? lol )  i brought my camera back to KL but unfortunately seldom use it.. Feel super free and relax without any heavy thing with me ~ and .. I Love iPhone! Haha.

It's been two years I didn't back to KL for new year celebration .. I miss my grandparents , the one who took care of me since I was born.

Special Thanks to Ivan & Ken who fetch me from/to the Airport .. Special Thanks to BengYie, Zlong , Ah Lian & Xinhui as you guys brought me a wonderful New Year with your companion. 

Last friday..ready to fly to KL

Recovering from sick..

First meal by mummy.. Ate with my cute grandma

My cat and doggies..

My buddies.. 
Ivan , BengYie & Lian.. 

Ivan is the one who recently back from Ireland and graduated with Honors..
I'm so proud of you !

?? Guess what ??
Playing Poker Card at that time..

Ready for dinner.. 7 of us inside the Car
I miss Hokkien noodle..

This is super Fun.. I love this game ^^

This is Zlong, we knew each other for more than 15 years ..

I love the plants decoration.. Really feel like buying it to decorate my room..

My cute cousin who celebrated his birthday with all of us!
He is super happy with his Angry Bird's Birthday cake

A new member to our home..
Super cute Liau Liau ~ A baby with old faces.

The 8th night of Lunar New Year ..
We need to Bai Tian Gong.. 拜天公  
a ceremony for Hokkien people like me

I Love it ~

Fireworks here and there..

The next morning..
Catie and I went to our favourite childhood Food..
Roti Canai.. located nearby my grandma house ..
super crispy and soft~

My sweet friend since I was 5 years old.

I know our friendship will last forever ^^

Took this photo last night
while waiting the plane.. lolx .. 

Special Thanks to Ivan & Ken who fetch me from/to the Airport .. Special Thanks to BengYie, Zlong , Ah Lian & Xinhui as you guys brought me a wonderful New Year with your companion. 


Kenneth said...

Nice Fireworks!!
I have never played it before...
HK is not allow to play >.<

imchacha said...

really ? pity you... you should come to my grandma house next year hahaha!!!

Kenneth said...

Haha, it depends on am I be invited~ (just joking~) But seems that i need to wait another year for the next chance~