( Italy-Venice ) The Floating City in the World ~

I went to Venice two years ago on June, 2011. I miss it so much although the trip was a little too rushed and tired . I have a priceless memories with my one week Europe trip especially in Venice. Venice, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's a city should seen with a loved one before it disappears completely into the surrounding water. Although Venice is surrounding by sea, but amazingly you will not get the saltiness in the air.

I love the blueish sky in Venice. Honestly, the time when i went to Venice is Summer, super duper hot and i got sunburned. ( If you know me ... I didn't apply sunblock at all ) Really enjoy when I look back to all of these photos...

The transport in Venice..
( Their taxis and buses )

The floating tower and some private ships

Lots of tourist here especially Korean >v<

This is unedited so
You can imagine how HOT it is

The Rialto bridge in Venice

A place you don't want to miss

Two years ago..

I had my Gelato here

I will die if I wear like this in the HOT summer

Siting beside the Blueish Water..
Super relax

18 SX.. I saw this in Venice .
I don't know why the design is like that..
Look at the front man with Mcdonald's head
Then look at the back.. the batman with a naked lady..

I love the night view here.
Extremely windy and relax to have a glass of wine sitting beside the river
The wine are so cheap in Italy !!
$16 per bottle ...yes per bottle and the taste is Awesome

It melts in one's mouth

Look at my tired face at that time .. Haha..
My precious trip to Europe..


Kenneth said...

Had you try the gelato in watermelon taste!?

Venice is really beautiful!!
But it was raining when I was there last time >.<

imchacha said...

Wow!!! lets show me the photos !! I Love venice really~
I tried the watermelon gelato before!!!
really nice ~

Kenneth said...

I went to Venice 5,6 years ago. I dont have camera at that time. so didnt take again photos =[

tester said...

I went to Venice in 09. Tired trip for me as well coz I went after the tri-campus games in my uni.

I love their Pistachio gelato! Can't find that authentic taste anymore :/ It's super yummy! Went back for it the 2nd day before I left. lol..

Here's my set of pictures ;D

imchacha said...

Kenneth : no worries, I'm sure you will go again ^^

Omoshiroi : I Love their Pistachio gelato too! the soft green color !!! And I'm enjoying your photos ^^