( KingPot 火鍋世家@ East Coast Parkway ) our Romantic Steamboat !! Perfect Environment & One of the Best Steamboat in Singapore

"恭喜您中獎啦!"  ... Thanks to our Lucky girls ... Sofia & Sudan,we earned a Free Meal from KingPot East Coast Parkway Singapore. I can't believe it ! We won the Free Steamboat for 4 (worth $138 ) by sharing the post in weibo.微博 . I'm not a person who always go for steamboat as I don't like the feeling of sweating while I'm enjoying food ; but my mum is really good in preparing steamboat for the family during the season greeting. 

Special Thanks to the Generous Boss and wife from KingPot ~  We have a chance to try this Fabulous Steamboat because of your magnanimous. 
* 特别感谢老板和老板娘,因为你们的慷慨我们才有机会尝到那么赞的火锅!

If you want to be the "King & Queen" , this is definitely the Right place to go! The staffs and the Chefs were so kind and friendly. I love the environment here, not crowded and not noisy like the restaurants in the town especially after office hour. Another thing that I like which is their background music, a soft piano melody which allowed us to chit chat ,sharing thoughts and enjoy our gathering time.

A Luxurious restaurant with comfortable lightning..

The Chairs are comfortable , the restaurant is Clean and neat

There is a Bar in the restaurant to serve special Mocktail and Cocktail ..

Our Lucky Girls...
Sofia & Sudan

Carol  feel shy to join our dinner ? LOLxx

This is the Right place to enjoy Food with your Love one ..

Charlene & Carol

Special Mocktails for us .. Feel refreshing ! ^^
taste like Mojito without liquor ..

We have our own Pot for Steamboat !
Super comfortable with their concept ~
I can put whatever I like inside the soup I choose 

Look at Sofia's face.. 
She feel shy while 2-3 staffs serving her at the same time.
She is the Queen!

Nice Display ~ Fresh Meat !!!

My Tomatoes Soup !!

Yong Tau Fu ??!

This is the super Fresh Wagyu Beef !!!

We are the noble ladies...

I'm enjoying ^^
I Love this Place.. Perfect for Gathering ^^

A lot of Special sauces .. Love the 沙茶酱

We are the King !!    = )

Special recommend !
King Pot East Coast Parkway Big Splash

Happy gathering with my Ladies !! Nice Place, Nice Food , Nice service for our precious time ! If you are the one who likes to enjoy Romantic Dinner with spacious place , elegant restaurant and superb services, this is the Right place to go. I will definitely go again with my buddies or someone that I love to enjoy our dinner here. 


King Pot 火锅世家
address: 902 Block B, East Coast Parkway #01-05 Big Splash
phone: 63487997
Price range : $30-50 Per Person

operating hours: 
Mon-Thurs 6pm-10:30pm
Fri-Sun 11am-2:30pm , 6pm-10:30pm

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