Are you a Dog lover ? Sanny, the Yorkshire Terrier in the House !

I had my great time with my colleagues last Sunday. A simple Gathering with people and doggie, and I found Sanny , the Yorkshire Terrier is Super Cute !  Sanny belongs to our sweet lady, SuDan..
A girl always with bright smile.. and cheerful heart...

I used to have 4 doggies at the same time in KL, Malaysia.. but unfortunately I'm not able to bring them over to Singapore.. Perhaps , I can have my own house soon..  SuDan keep persuading me to adopt a dog ...(by the way there is one West Highland Terrier up for adoption) ... But I think twice... Really hard to get one while I just rented a room here...

We used to say : Dogs are human's best friend... 狗狗是人類最好的朋友。 It's true! They will not betray you, they will always stand by for you and accompany beside you.




Unknown said...

luxury sofa background must be highlight~lol

imchacha said...

lolx.... i will highlight it next time~~