a Beautiful meet up with my Little buddy ~

We were in White !!  We happened to wear White together without notifying each other..  Met up my little buddy, Catie on last Sunday. She is my childhood buddy since I was 5 years old. No matter how long we didn't contact each other, our friendship still there.. This is what what we call "real buddy"

Someone's photo shooting skills improved !! Therefore we have all the nice shots today !
I feel so proud of you Denny obba!!

Love my Olympus EP 3 
with the new Lens..

Our Denny Obba ~ Anyong !

Catie & Charlene

It's Friday ! Have a nice weekend !!

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Happy walker said...

your buddy also very leng~ XD

imchacha said...

hehehe...thank you~ i will let her know :)