Movie Theater .. Yes or No ?!

I believe most of the people Love movies ...
especially in Singapore..  a small island..
Besides of Shopping and Drinking , then will be Singing or Movie for entertainment~

For me , i Love to stay at home .. ( Even everyone feel suspicious with this sentence =.=''  )
Lolxx .. honestly , i Love to stay at home, rolling on the bed, watching Taiwan TV show,
watching drama , or play online games at home. 
Since i am 14 until ... last year , i always spent my time in my sweet room..
When buddies ask for a dinner , movie or K session, i always reject ...

Then, after i broke up with that Idiot , i changed...
Buddies keep worry about me as i hide myself inside the room and keep thinking the sad things,
they pulled me out from the room,
and bring me shopping, play mahjong with me and have chit chat with me try to cheer me up.
then i understand, how important are friends to me...
and i try my best not to reject them anymore LOL

* Special thanks to those buddies who accompany me during my hard time *
( not in order of Merit ... )
- Victor Lai   - Ronald Wong  - Frances Li  - Samantha Thong
- Shirlene Chow  - Nick Chan  - Steven Yap  - Eileen Chew  - Yeo Soh Hoon  - Yan Chan
- Samantha Chen  - Wilson Zhang  -Aiden Lee  - Lauren Park  
- Denny Ryu  

I think you guys really pay your maximum attention and patient on me ...  
Thank you !!!

ermmm... get back to the topic ...   =.=''
( skip too Far , but still wanna get a chance to thank those people ^^ )

Talking about Movie theater ..
Anyone have idea to share, which is the best Cinema in Singapore ?
For me, i "seldom" go to different one for movie session,
I only been to a few before...

Cathay :
- AMK Hub 
- Cineleisure Orchard
- The Cathay 

Filmgrade :
- Iluma

Golden Village :
- Bishan
- Plaza Singapura
- Tampinese

- Bugis
- Lido

Love ---- >   Cathay & Shaw 
The environment and the seat is good and clean ,  staff are always polite ,
popcorn from Cathay is the BEST!!! 
haha and i love their movie screen and sounds system too. Modern and New.. 
Most important is the environment , feel comfortable and totally enjoy the movie ~

Dislike --- > Golden Village 
Hate GV , I went 3 times and totally regret..
The seat was so Smelly !!!   and totally can't enjoy my movie..
feel like 10 years never clean the seat , even with cigaret's + sweat smell 
Popcorn is okay okay only .. =.=''

How about you ? 
Any Experience to share ??


wadsad said...

first to comment :)

the theatre that i frequent the most is the cathay. very nice environment. watch finish movie can gai gai at the malls around. lol.

glad that u have so many good friends around. 过去的事就不要再想了. look forward and live life to the fullest, happily of cause :)

- your silent reader (opps maybe not after this post. lol)

imchacha said...

the cathay i been only 1 time,the premium hall..
it's really great,i think next time i should go there too but the normal ticket not premium ( expensive eh hahahah )

Ya, im glad too~ many good buddies around me ..
and im really looking forward and heading to happier world..

- haha silent reader.. don't be silent, share more opinion is better ^^

stanley said...

Dear 宅女,
un call him idiot, he let you realise that who are important to you and who will be the one you should choose to be with him for the rest of life....
Heard 情场失意赌场得意, i guess those people u thanks sure contribute a lot "effort" in mahjong table... XD

ok.. i get bek to topic also...
add one more cinema... GSC... really nice^^
this one got a lot in KL but i dunno about Sg...
recommend movie recently... "avengers"

again... u r not alone... support support... ^^

From 宅男~~~

Anonymous said...

How old are you?:)

imchacha said...

Thanks for all the support ^^