( Korea - Part 7 ) The sight seeing places in Seoul~ walked at least 7 hours non stop !!!

Do you realize those Korean girls always look like Snow white ?!?!
Their skin are FAIR!!!
I always believe that , if you have fair skin you gained 70% of overall beauty ~!
And .. my face was Fair inside those photo taken during this Korea trip!
( even my skin condition was not good that time, weather too cold and too dry )

But ... cold weather really made skin fairer ?!?
( busy to do research now... ) lol

After the Busan trip, Moved back to Seoul ..
and i stayed at the Love Hotel ~ ahahahah

This is the hotel lobby, 
with the complimentary coffee drink, sweets and ... Ice cream ^^

The colorful Hotel room ^^
With nice Painting and 2 computers!!!! yuhuu~
The hotel is clean but small ...
( btw, very good location nearby insadong and myeong dong )

a small bathroom .. but clean ^^
actually there is a bathtub beside the main door... LOL ,
feel shy ~~

The first meal that day was the COLD noodle ~!
imagine, cold weather with cold noodle ~ lolx!
Quite good matching ....

The bowl was Cold !!

Then , went to Dong dae mun!!!
Finally , the shopping heaven ~! But i didn't really shop  T_T
as i keep thinking about my 2 wardrobes ...

Doota !  is the Main shopping building in Dong dae mun,
as this is the main building,
a lot of tourists here and the price is slightly higher compare to other buildings..
and .. i didn't buy anything in Doota ~ lolx

The fruit's stall outside Doota ,
and it was cheap ~~ Look at the Strawberry ~
Just $3- $5 ??!

Inside Doota ...
a lot of different style fashions selling here..
price is slightly expensive..
Not recommend to buy here..
you can easily found another 2 or 3 buildings beside Doota, and their price is reasonable
and quality is good~

Decided to stop shopping ..
( bought a lot during Japan trip .. )
and i took the train to  In-sa-dong ~

Curious curious..What is she doing ?!

Got out from the subway ..
I found this.. 
Red bean fishy <---   the name i called this ..lolx
real name : 붕어빵 Pung-o-bbang

Got a drink from the convenient store..
the price is so cheap!!!
and the variety is Fantastic ~^^

This is a coffee..
I wanted to try but .. seems like hard to drink =.=''
Give up ~ lol

Then .. i reached the tourist Must go places --> In-Sa-Dong 

This ... =.='' looks so funny ,
I understand this is just similar things like the 麒麟
but the face looks like old man >.<

Remember the friend Dumpling >??
I posted it before and .. i went again for my lunch ~!

This is well known and famous Dumpling store..
Korean called dumpling as : Man-du
Their dumpling is Cheap, Big and Yummy !

Bone soup + Dumpling ~
Love their culture to put in the seaweed in dishes ..

Jiang ~!! the Creative designer block ...
This is famous too~ 
( stated before in my post .. )

DIY section ~!
you can pay and DIY your ring,necklace or cake here..
How amazing and Fun ~!

Feel cold ??
( Extremely cold T_T  around 4 degree )
Easily got my coffee from Mc cafe ~  ^^

Then , found the Famous temple in Seoul ~!
The temple is beside the main road..
a lot of people there , they having the praying ceremony that time..
The temple is big and well renovated... Love the matching of Green & Red color..

Ahhh  this is Cute ~  <3
Little Laughing God ..
not sure why they put a lot of mineral water there.. 

Look at those trees..without any Leave ...
Can feel the Winter season but feel so boring ~
seems like not colorful at all..
the people around wearing the dull color outfit too >.<''

Walked and walked..
into this Offices area..
Found a few people was holding the board and ... unhappy with their boss?
or complaining the Government ?
I don't know.. 

Love the colorful flowers there..
Hardly see those colorful flowers in S'pore..

Sight seeing >.<''
Finally .. this is the King who make korea independent ..
세종대왕   seh-kong-dae-wang
I heard from someone saying: he is really a good King ~!

Arhhh ~ you are the one .. !!!

The information kiosk...
There are a lot of maps inside this kiosk, 
and the big touch screen for you to research the places to go..

The snow white ...
Looks not pretty ~ ahahaha 
But i love the colorful decoration ~

Inside the Lift ..
I'm going to the Duty free shop .. in Lotte Building
We usually get the duty free items in the Air port ,
but Korea able to let you shop the duty free items 
even in the town 
.. but , you can only collect your goods in the Airport ~
Good one, save my time in Airport ^^

New seasoning design >.<''
Prada.. Love one of their collection but didn't buy T_T
>v< try to save money for more trip....hehe

This is my friend's friend who working in this 
Duty Free Lotte building ~
I think he feel shocked, ahaha 

At the end..
wanted to post one more picture with these botak trees ...
haha ~ got feeling ...
And that day i walked at least 7 hours !!!
I should say , i walked at least 7 hours daily during my trip!!!
seldom sweat !!!
I Love Cold weather !!!!!

<3 <3 <3

To be continue ....


stanley said...

wow~ this article is so long but i still manage to finish in 5 minutes... XD
u really like the botak tree hor? can pluck one batang pokok take back as souvenir... :-P
by the anyway, does the taste of korean food in korea is different from the korean food you taste in singapore?

imchacha said...

Definitely different ..
Let's talk about the Super normal ---> kimchi soup ..
no matter which restaurant u have this is korea, it is nice, tasty but not salty ..
in Singapore, either no taste, or too salty ~

and i hardly found the best one is MBS finally~ ahahahaha

snoopy said...

I bet that 7 hours of walking is worthy & pleasant. Although long, reading through make me envy u....

Were U traveling alone???

imchacha said...

yeah definitely worth^^
i can feel the different place and culture ^^

Anonymous said...

chacha.. what's love hotel? any link? hahaha

imchacha said...

sure..will send the link out soon~

Jan-Ice said...

hi charlene, i'm interested on the manduu restaurant, can you give me the detail address? Thanks :D

imchacha said...

Sure, please check it here^^

Unknown said...


where is the exact place/address that u went to this duty free shop at lotte building? lotte building is not the lotte world right?

and also u mentioned the items can only be collected at the airport. so how to collect at the airport?


imchacha said...

Hi Penelope,

The lotte building i went is in Myeong Dong Area. After the purchase the staff will help you pack it and send to the airport, they will give you a direction card while you paying money and guide you how to go to the counter and collect in the airport, It's very easy .

Miko's World said...

Hey I like the photos and blogs articles u posted. What camera you u using for it. The pix looks great!

Unknown said...

Can I ask the name of the Love hotel?
Would also like to know the manduu restaurant. Thanks thanks. =)

Anonymous said...

im looking for bloggers who went to korea and linked to ur blog and it is wonderful! all the pictures make me soo happy just by looking it. and u r soo preety too! do post more on ur trip to korea eventho it was in 2012. :)