2017 H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection: Turns Discarded Plastic Into Evening Gowns

From plastic bottles to yarn, from yarn to fabric - H&M has launched their Conscious Exclusive Collection yesterday around the world. 

An ethereal evening gown made from 89 plastic bottles?

The Hero piece in H&M’s new Conscious Exclusive Collection isn’t a basic T-shirt or dress—it’s a pleated, sweeping blush-color gown with swirling ruffles and a billowing skirt. It’s also the first piece of eveningwear ever made with Bionic Yarn, and looks fit for a black-tie gala.

I'm so in love in this piece of art and imagine myself walking on the red carpet. 

"When you talk about sustainable fashion, I still think people have these misconceptions around how it will look. This is one way of showing them what is possible," Johansson told The Huffington Post Australia at a media event in Stockholm.

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