Peauultime - Hydrating Premium Silk Mask Review

Skincare has always been an essential routine in our daily life as everyone would love to look great by having a healthier skin. It will not only enhance the individual’s physical appearance but also confidence.

I always stock up a lot of masks including both paper masks and wash-off masks, I just addicted to try as many as I can to find out which suit me the best, and I found Peauultime Hydrating Premium Silk Mask.

It comes with light gold packaging and it's selling at RM19.90 each. It also comes with a pack of 6pcs, with additional 2pcs Free at RM115. 

It comes with 2 layers and the silk mask is hiding in between for hygienic purposes.

Peauultime silk mask is super thin and soft, easy for absorption too.

Perfect to my chubby face haha.

I love how it hydrates my skin immediately. Unlike some other mask which contains rich texture of the essence might caused milia seeds but Peauultime is just perfect without sticky texture, and it works perfectly on hydration. Super easy for absorption, and it also good for before putting on make up. The effect is good right after first use, try it and you'll see.

I also share it with my mum and she loves it too! Skincare routine at home is easy now without heading down to facial salon too frequent especially a busy girl like me lol.

I can see myself now a regular to Peauultime hydrating premium silk mask, which works perfectly on my dry and dull skin. Mad Love!

You can grab yours now at :

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