Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Melbourne review

If you are a lover of all things sweet, Max Brenner has a menu full of delectable options for you.  Max Brenner, an artisanal Israeli chocolatier, was founded in the late 90s. Originally, a small shop selling hand crafted chocolates, it evolved into a Chocolate Bar concept. Max Brenner, Chocolates by the Bald Man, became wildly successful with emporiums in the US, Australia, Israel, Japan, Singapore and Russia.

As soon as I entered Max Brenner, I fell in love with the inviting atmosphere and was wowed by the warm color palette of browns, oranges and tans. They also have many different chocolate products are also for sale to take home so you can get a chocolate fix later.

Willy Wonka may just be your greatest fairy tale. 
May Max Brenner bring you the real life experience ...

What spins your head right round on repeat ???? There hot chocolate !!!!

Everybody deserves a sweet service on their sweet treats ..... 
trust me , they've got it all !!!

Has anyone you you ever heard of " Two is better than one " or make it even better, just go for the "Three musketeer". Right when you head over to this Choco fairy land. Spoil yourself with at least two different types of choice and tag along with a good beverage . 

Banana split belgian waffle with hot chocolate dip aside pairing with a cup of max brenner hot choc aint a bad choice at all . 

I am right here , right now telling you that this ........ This particular golden brown looking soufflé is the MUST X100000000 TIMES  have in max brannier. The ice cream along side to it gives a perfect combination from the cold to the hot molten that melts in your mouth.

Lastly the best thing about this place is they fire up everything with CHOC DIPS !!!!!

This is just an ordinary tall and chubby girl having her cup of hot chocholate trying to look fantabulous :D Haha!

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