Travel to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia is so FUN!

I've been invited to Mount Bromo twice in a month from Ministry of Tourism Indonesia and I know the reason why they want me to be there after the visits. Mount Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, sits in the middle of a vast plain called the "Sea of Sand". If you like to go for an adventurous trip to see the nature, Mount Bromo is definitely a Great choice!

I woke up at 2 am, washed up and stepped outside into the cool darkness. Our jeeps were there ready for us parking outside of our resort. Temperature dropped close to freezing and I started to regret that I didn't bring a proper jacket to fight the cold. Got into our jeeps and it took us around 30 minutes to reach at the parking area after twisting and turning in the dark, we were on foot from there.

The walk to the lookout point took 15 to 20 minutes. A crowd of tourists and their guides had arrived for sunrise.

Coffee, tea and cup noodle were being sold here at the shops nearby the lookout point.

One of the most spectacular sunrises of my life.

The sun cast a warm glow over Mount Bromo

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We were then ride down to the plain, the Sea of Sand

Our colourful jeeps!

We were approached by locals offering horse rides to the crater.

@juanjerez got his ride!

He is Bintang (star), my first experience on horse back riding with him.
The horses let off their passengers just before a staircase leading to the crater’s edge.

Here comes the staircase to the crater.

My lovely friend KJ, got this scenes as I didn't climb up to the crater.
I was hungry and having my indo mee at the food stall.

It's delicious haha!

We were there for about an hour and half before we return to our resort from breakfast. Instead of a sandstorm, we were shrouded in volcanic ash. I worried for the health of the indigenous people and horses, who were there every day catering to tourists and trying to earn a living.

We were staying in Jiwa Jawa Resort during our visit in Bromo. This is one of the best resort in Bromo area, it's clean and well maintained. I like the peaceful atmosphere here with nice garden. There's also a nice gallery for you to enjoy a cup of coffee with. The staffs are friendly and attentive. One thing that could make my stay better if there's wifi in the room. Overall experience was good and I will be here again if I visit to Mount Bromo.

Thanks again to the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for this #WonderfulIndonesia experience.
For further information, visit The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia’s website.


Noel Morata said...

Love all the photos and the tour, you missed out from seeing the crater, but it really was stinky

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Chacha, nice photos, as Noel said and I didn't know you did not make it up to the crater. Should have gone! Unless you went in the previous trip?


Unknown said...

Aaah beautiful photos Chacha! I think you should dye your hair purple again :D Super cool!!

Anyhow, miss the trip even more now with these pics!!

X Lily