Three Little Birds Cafe Review

A hipster cafe located outside the crowd, a cafe that I wanted to return in no time - Three Little Birds Cafe is definitely worth a visit. The place is comfy, spacious & welcoming. Besides of good ambience, this place is all about the coffee. Coffee served was good temperature, clear and good. Coffee's aroma stirs into my brain when I first entered to Three Little Birds Cafe. Mmmm, can't wait to have a cup of happiness with me.

Scenic cafe that serves good cafe, best of all - FREE basement parking! Loved the place enough to come back. Thanks to Andy, Yuan who brought me here! 

What Time Out says:

The folks behind Artisan Roast have come a long way since their humble RAW days. This breezy new café in Sentul’s airy D7 building is testament to their maturing style and quality. We suggest you lock your spot at the outdoor patio where vines entwine around thick ropes; for a precious while, you’ll feel completely disengaged from the city buzz. A Three Little Birds coffee blend is in the making, but take temporary refuge in a punchy Mandheling roast or other rotating single origins. If you’re lucky, coffee connoisseur Joey Mah will be your trusty barista behind the whizzing machine. Meanwhile, hot chocolates here are made using single origin Kalingo 65 percent Valrhona, superbly expensive French-imported chocolate buttons.

Tiny little ice cream but rich and textured.

Both mocha and latte are Goooooooood!

Out of my expectation, their food are GOOD too!!

I've ordered salmon croissant and egg mayo croissant.
What's next? I had my second egg mayo croissant at one go!
It's so tasty!!!

Can't wait for my next visit!


Scenic outdoor is really a good place to chill with friends.
Good for photo shooting too.

Calling all coffee lovers, this is a MUST VISIT cafe if you are in Kuala Lumpur!

Address : D7, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur
Search for Three Little Birds Coffee in WAZE and select the one that says Kuala Lumpur, not Jalan Sentul.

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