GRAND Plastic Surgery Korea : My Liposuction Review ( Part 1 )

It's my forth month now after I went through my liposuction treatment with Grand Plastic Surgery. I'll say, no regrets on this decision as I found myself really happier and more confident to fit into the attires I like and looking good in them. 

It's like a dream! 

I know many of you are curious and interested to know the "making of" a new me, and the exciting sharing has begun:

My Liposuction was scheduled on the April's fool day. I've been told that no food or drink intake 10 hours before my liposuction, so I fast since the night before.

I was so excited for it! All I can think of is a "balanced" Charlene. On the Liposuction day, I went to Grand in the morning and my personal translator, Yoonah attended to me. she guided me through the steps before entering to the surgery room. 

First of all, a garment specialist measured my thighs before I changed my outfits. Wearing a compression garment is a Must for those who did liposuction as it helps to decrease the extent of bruising following liposuction and may also help decrease the swelling and possibly lower the risk of fluid accumulation known as a seroma. The specialist advised me to get two pairs in different sizes, so I can fit in the smaller one on my second month onwards.

After I put on my surgery attires, basic face cleanse is needed to remove skincare/makeup on your face. Yoonah then led me into a room for pre-liposuction marking/drawing on my treatment area - thighs. This helps to delineate areas in the standing position that may change when a patient lies down on the operating table and makes these areas less prominent. 

I was a bit nervous at first. But my doctor was super friendly and professional, this made me feel easy and confident. I'm happy that Yoonah was all the way beside me to make me feel secured. haha.

After all the preparation done, I was led into the surgery room. Guess what? The room was crazily cold! I was freezing but have no choice as they need to go through the entire liposuction in super low temperature to decrease the bacteria and viruses load in the operating room. I was uncontrollable shivering and freezing in no time.

The nurses applied the antiseptic lotion towards my treatment area before I lie down on the surgery bed. The physicians then use only local anesthesia, that is, anaesthesia and sedative that they inject with a syringe or pump into the area where they will do the liposuction. The anesthesia medicine is injected along with a lot of fluid, usually buffered salt water and epinephrine, a drug to reduce bleeding. I saw the doctor walked in the surgery room. Then I was totally gone in a few seconds after the sedative anaesthesia being injected to my body. Yes, it took just a few seconds. ( less than five I guess )

My throat was extremely dried and in need of water, therefore I opened up my eyes even though I'm still into my sleep. I saw myself resting in the recovery room. No feeling on my thighs after the liposuction honestly. The nurses are so sweet as they got me a hot pack inside my blanket filled with hot water to keep my body warm. Then I slowly took some water, super duper thirsty after seventeen hours without water intake.

Then I continued rest on the bed for another one hour before I changed back into my own clothes. My legs were painless but numb, therefore I walked very slow. I collected my stuffs and bought my medicine at the pharmacy next to Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital. ( The patients need to buy their own medicine in the pharmacy with the prescription from the doctor - Korea's practice )

I grabbed some sandwiches and fruit juices from the convenient store and I took a cab back to my home stay. I still can't believe that I have done my liposuction. Ate those food and fall asleep. Took a real long afternoon nap on that day.

To Be Continued...


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=D Thanks for supporting me

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