GRAND Plastic Surgery Korea : My Liposuction Review - Consultation Day

Liposuction has become one of the most popular procedures to treat cellulite and micro fat recently. I used to be a super-pear-shape girl who always can't fit into a long jeans nicely because of my unproportionate hips and thighs. When they fit me snugly at the waist, it will be too tight at the thighs. I'm not trying to be skinny, but I want to be "Balance". At least overall looking is fine. I'm so blessed to have chanced upon this collaboration with the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea, GRAND for my liposuction journey.

The biggest plastic surgery in Korea, Grand is certified by Department of Health and Human Services and it has one-stop system with 30 experienced professional medical staffs. A gem located in Sinsa with 21 floors and the whole building is designed by the famous interior design, Manjae Koo over 2 years. I indeed love their building inside-out.

Filling up the registration form at Grand.

Meet my personally translator - Yuna! 
She is super sweet, lovely, helpful and pretty.

Selfie anytime, anywhere.

Did my BMI test before the consultation.

BMI and thigh measurement checked.

Got my consultation from the director of the hospital - Ryu SangWook
He is an experienced doctor who gives wise advice and he answered all my enquiries accordingly. We have then agreed on liposuction on my thigh area. I felt excited and I can't wait for it to happen. I have then arranged the liposuction on two days after my consultation.

I truly love the interior design here in Grand.
Super elegant and comfortable.

The night view from here is just Perfect.

** Thanks to my personal photographer - SuYeon **
She is super lovely and obviously a great one in photo taking.

what's next? 

Stay tuned!


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